Our Vision

Do you want to make a difference? At Heartcry for Change we seek to facilitate this desire by encouraging the Church to connect with their community and bring a practical message of hope. We believe we can each make a difference as we combine our practical resources with our spiritual mandate and then come alongside the broken. We have a passion to see cities transformed through the power of prayer, action and evangelism. Now is the time to be messengers of change both in our neighbourhoods and the nations.

Heartcry for Change is...a prophetic voice with a compassionate heart.

A Prophetic Voice means we...

  • Instill courage to articulate Christian beliefs clearly
  • Inspire people to pursue their life dreams and see beyond today’s limitations
  • Give a faith-filled perspective in difficult times
  • Develop pioneers who can break through into new areas of opportunity
  • Stir the passionate cry of freedom

How do we do this?

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Often when the Church’s voice is heard in the public square it can sound more pathetic than prophetic! But we believe that Jesus is the hope for our nations and that the Bible’s principles are a very practical and relevant tool-kit to help us with life’s everyday challenges. So at Heartcry for Change we are passionate to train and equip ordinary believers to be confident and articulate messengers of hope wherever they are. Our areas of teaching and ministry include:

    Training an army of ordinary people in prayer schools and seminars how to become confident to break the sound barrier and pray informed, intelligent and passionate prayers. Prayer is such a privilege and we love seeing people get connected to God and then changing their world!
    Equipping the Church to be an accurate prophetic voice in the nation by teaching in training schools and conferences the principles of the prophetic gift. We seek to train people who are passionate to know the presence of God, are available to hear His voice and then learn to speak His word with accuracy so that lives can be touched and changed.
    Delivering a message of hope to women across the nations and cultures to help them stand with a new confidence and be equipped to lead and find satisfaction as they fulfil their kingdom purpose. God is the biggest cheerleader of women (and men!) so it’s time to remove the shadows of shame and rejection and live free.
    Standing and praying in the capital cities of the world, working with those who are on the front lines in our major cities of influence including politicians, business people and church leaders. A cry for reformation in London and beyond.
    Connecting commerce, community and churches together to bring change. Inspiring business leaders with a fresh vision to see how financial provision can partner more effectively with kingdom purpose and leave lasting legacies.
    Mentoring and supporting younger leaders as they pioneer new breakthroughs in the areas of politics and government, social action and justice issues, creative arts and media as well as the Church. We believe that younger leaders need role models who are prepared to give them time and resources to accomplish their dreams.

A Compassionate Heart means we...

  • Serve the poor with acts of kindness
  • Demonstrate a heart of outrageous generosity
  • Heal the broken with mercy and break the chains of captivity
  • Facilitate people to demonstrate compassion locally and globally
  • Reveal potential and discover hidden treasure

How do we do this?

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Social Outreach

Partnering with workers in some of the poorest nations by raising finance, working on social action projects, caring for the poor and supplying teaching and training to resource them as they work for breakthrough in their nations.

Heartcry for Change has supported projects in India amongst leprosy affected people in Dhamapuri, Salem and Valore and helped with educational needs in the slums of Pune for over 15 years. Many of these projects have now become self-sufficient or are able to be supported by local sponsors. So over the last five years our focus and investment has been closer to home:

    Moldova is Europe’s poorest nation, as well as a centre for human trafficking. We are working to transform some of the rural villages and bring hope to the most vulnerable in that society.
    We believe in a God of love and forgiveness who gives us a second chance when we make poor life choices. Drug and alcohol addictions wreck many lives and tear families apart but there is hope for those who know they need help. It has been a joy for Heartcry to serve Betel, a ministry which restores the broken lives of those struggling with addiction and homelessness. Through encouragement, practical and financial support, resources, teaching and leadership training we have seen God transform many lives.

Our foundations:

  • Bible-based
  • Spirit-led
  • Prayer-fuelled

At Heartcry we believe that the principles of the Bible direct our values; the freedom of the Spirit refreshes and inspires our vision; and prayer releases revelation and power to accomplish our mission.

Our under-girding values:

  • Generosity
  • Diversity
  • Training
  • Encouragement

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Heartcry for Change loves creating an atmosphere of generosity knowing that this environment challenges the withholding attitude and poverty mindset and brings people freedom. We do this because we know it is the kindness of God which helps people change.

We seek to demonstrate this through our practical financial support of projects in the slums of Pune and the leprosy affected in India. We donate resources to women’s refuges, prisons as well as alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres. We pay for gifted individuals to complete a course of study or obtain qualifications when unable to afford this personally. We minister in rural and church planting situations that are not able to pay our travel or other expenses; we do not only choose the invitations to large conferences and churches. We also seek to liberally encourage people by trusting them to function in their gift and support, pray and encourage them while they take their steps of faith.


Heartcry for Change loves to work with a diverse range of church expressions, nations, cultures and socio-economic circumstances. We love the challenge of these unique mixtures and seek to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment where the church can understand each other more deeply and move together more powerfully.

We are main stage speakers with audiences of 1000s but also conduct seminars for smaller groups. In one month we may be working in the poorest slums of India and then inspiring rich bankers in the city. We cross church denominational boundaries and have long-standing partnerships with churches from Coptic, Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Free Church and non-denominational backgrounds. We minister to men and women, speak at leaders or youth events and love sharing Jesus with people evangelistically.


By coming alongside individuals with practical instruction and spiritual impartation we believe we can help people develop their skills and gifts and become a powerful influence for change in their community.

We teach in church internship programmes, bible schools and seminars. We have developed a range of training materials and study guides on subjects ranging from leadership, prayer and prophetic ministry to inner healing and developing prayer ministry teams. We have mentor groups encouraging people to influence their community through the church and love the privilege of raising up reformers.


We believe that affirmation provides a healthy atmosphere in which people flourish.

We minister prophetically to people, releasing words of encouragement that reveal their God-given potential and instill them with confidence and courage, even in the midst of the tough times. By bringing the Word and the Spirit together, people are able to see beyond today’s limitations and pursue their promises with fresh hope.