“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”(Jim Rohn)

Heartcry is 25 years old and we want to take this opportunity to celebrate our special jubilee with Oxford days where we will gather like-minded people together and help you impact your places of influence. So please come and make 2019 a year of upgrade and advancement in your life.

Our desire is to train and equip people, within an atmosphere of faith, to be articulate, prophetic carriers of God’s heart and leave a legacy of change in the nations for generations to come.

How will we do this?
Heartcry for Change will host three training days this year in the areas of prayer, leadership and the prophetic. Each day will feature teaching and impartation from the Heartcry team and other guests. There will be times for prayer, worship, learning together, peer mentoring and encouragement. Through these days we also hope that we can network and connect like-minded people to help each other to do life well and pass on their batons of experience and resources too.  These days will be run from our base in Oxford, UK, but if needed we may host an occasional day in another geographical area.

Who are these days for?
Anyone with a hunger to learn more, to be challenged and stretched, and who is ready to generously sow into others along the way as well. This is an upgrade season for the people of God: all of us carry dreams which we sometimes feel are beyond our reach to obtain on our own but we believe that we can each make a difference as we combine our practical resources with our spiritual mandate and partner with each other, and with God. Together we can see those dreams become reality and leave a legacy that outlives us. We aim to equip you and create an environment of faith and learning where the ceilings of today can become the platforms of tomorrow.




Dates for 2022:
22 January 2022




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