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Legacy Day Kickstart 2020 (25 January 2020)



Recalibrate Heartcry Legacy Day 19.01.19

What on earth is happening?

River Camp 2016 Seminar (Rachel Hickson)

This Is My Story, This Is My Song

(Rachel Hickson)

What Time Is It?

ONE Event 2016 – main session (Helen Azer)

Best of Times, Worst of Times

Preached at River Camp 2016 (Rachel Hickson)

NW Intercessors Prayer Gathering

Message preached at the NW Intercessors’ gathering at Sonrise Christian Center on May 1, 2015…

Carrying Jesus

Recorded in 2013 in Portland, OR (Rachel Hickson)

For This Cause

Recorded in 2013 in Portland, OR (Rachel Hickson)

Make Room for Jesus

Recorded in 2013 in Portland, OR, where she asks the question are we making room…

Tenacious Hope

Sermons from the Tenacious Hope Conference at Ephrata Community Church, PA, USA Oct 2013 (Rachel…

Outrageous Generosity

Friday evening sermon on Generosity or Poverty mentality at the School of Daniel & Kingdom…

The Tests and Trials of Faith

Saturday evening sermon on “Lessons of Faith From a Business Person” at the School of…

Daniel – Extraordinary Gift in the King’s House

Sunday morning sermon on “New minds to create entrepreneurs and imagination for business” at the…

Money Matters

Seminar Series on Stewardship, Giving, Debt & Money Issues at the School of Daniel Conference,…

Poor Justice

Seminar Series on Serving the Poor, Charity, Hospitality and Kindness at the School of Daniel…

Money: Master or Friend

Seminar on Attitudes to Wealth, Money & Investment at School of Daniel Conference, Kingdom Culture…

Voice of Influence

Sermon on being the Voice of Influence (Rachel Hickson)

Seasons of Change

Sermon called Seasons of Change (Rachel Hickson)

Signs and Wonders

Sermon on Signs and Wonders (Rachel Hickson)

Three Faces of Leadership

Sermon called Three Faces of Leadership (Rachel Hickson)


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