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We have just had this wonderful update from Moldova and want to encourage you with this news.  Heartcry was able to send a financial gift to Moldova of GBP £4,500 in early December thanks to the generosity of our friends and partner churches who made special contributions for the winter aid projects.  Part of the money donated was specifically dedicated to Casa Helen, the home for the elderly “grannies”, so we were absolutely delighted to hear that no time has been wasted in using this gift to purchase essential supplies as well as some treats for the residents of Casa Helen.   Thank you for caring and investing to bless these precious lives at Christmas!

Dear Rachel and Heartcry team,

We are thrilled to tell you about operation CASA HELEN.  Your large gift really made an impact on this home for the outcast, neglected and abandoned.

We were happy to see the grannies again and wish you could have seen their smiles as they were given warm slippers and huge boxes of chocolate and could fill the pockets of their large aprons with many oranges. Because of the Covid situation, we could not take a group as planned, but had good help from Samantha and two ladies from Cornesti village, who did a great job  finding the right size slippers and made sure each gift had a personal touch. Once again we were touched by the stories of these abandoned ladies, and seeing the care and warmth that now surrounds them. The home is a huge contrast to the rough circumstances they were rescued from.  God is truly the father of the fatherless and a husband to the widow!

We wanted your gift to last the longest and be a true help in what was needed.  You were able to provide them with a brand new cooker and oven. The cooks rejoiced when they saw the fancy stove as they often make homemade bread and cookies for the ladies.  Johannes also got hold of a second hand freezer and a tumble dryer. Storing vegetables and meat from their garden is now much easier and also the drying of all the sheets has often made the home humid and moldy. The manager Margareta was thrilled, as this is a real blessing. Charlotte and Carina  bought  a whole van full of food to last for the next months. We made sure to buy extras for the holiday season.

Leo has carefully stored wood and coal for the winter, but the last amount of money will provide the place with an extra water boiler. So as you can read, the home is soon a multi star hotel. 😀 God is soo good and once again the words of Christ  come to mind:  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  Matthew 23:40.

We wish you a very special Christmas season and hope His shalom shall fills your hearts.

We are thankful to God for his love, care and provision and want to encourage you with the words of Joseph to his brothers in Genesis 50, which is also part of a song we have sung in the body of Christ throughout 2020…”what the enemy meant for evil, God intended for good“.  We believe that through the difficulties of this year God will create a new hunger for Him and a genuine brotherly love in his body. We see a new outpouring of His Spirit and are in expectancy.

The rest of your support for Winter Aid will reach the villages in the coldest months of January and February and we will come back to you with an update of what God has done when a convoy of hope and gospel and aid hits the small villages.

We send you tons of love to you and your partners.
Charlotte and Johannes.