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LOVE LONDON  – July 12th 2019

A Call to Stand  with our Capital City, to Bless, to Honour and to Declare God’s purposes for the days ahead.

Your sons will marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you‘ Isaiah 62:6

So that:

  • The fullness of revival and awakening is released.
  • The life, love and goodness of God burst out.
  • Lives and communities are permanently transformed.
  • Righteousness, justice and integrity become the hallmarks of all our Government, institutions and society.
  • Government, central and in local boroughs, move in alignment with the purposes of God.
  • Everything that has been released in London, multiplies across the land.

So we  are asking individuals  to take JULY 12TH as a day to pray, worship and very specifically make declarations on the hour, every hour from 6am – 6pm;  in their homes, streets or workplaces on behalf of London.  Declarations have the power to change atmospheres and to lay new foundations. These declarations will be short, based on the word of God, Kingdom focused and made available for download from our website and other partnering websites.

It is a day to release the sound of Heaven over our Capital city, to fill the atmosphere with His word and to lay new foundations for the future.

Please take a few minutes to listen to one of our videos, the links are below:

  • 2 min overview
  • 7 min version with a full description
  • Click here to be taken to the Passion for the Nation website where you will find more information and be kept up to date on the declarations


Suzanne Ferrett