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Our partners Charlotte and Johannes will be starting this winter’s aid outreach shortly. Here is the update from them. If you would like to contribute financially towards the winter aid project, please use the links below to add to the funds which Heartcry will be sending.  Thank you for your generosity!

Charlotte & Johannes write:
We are preparing for the 18th season “Winter Aid Moldova”!! It promises to be a difficult winter for many people… – not just in Ukraine, but also here in Moldova. Throughout the summer and autumn, we have been able to support friends and congregations in Ukraine with emergency aid – and we will continue to do so – but this winter we will also focus on Moldova. Here the prices of gas and coal have exploded: a m3 of gas now costs 1,50 Euro, and a sack of coal of 50 kg costs 30-35 Euro – an increase of several hundred percent!! This puts a lot of people – especially the elderly – in a desperate situation. We are getting ready to drive out with help and encouragement to as many homes as possible.

Last year there was again good support for the project, and we distributed approx. 35 tonnes of coal and over 400 food parcels…!!

Not everyone needs coal. If someone lives in an apartment and can only heat with electricity or gas, we help with a subsidy to pay the bill. The price increases mean that we have to improvise, but a standard aid package will consist of 2-3 sacks of coal or briquettes + a large food package of 12-13 kg; that is equivalent to more than a full month’s pension!! We start the practical part of the project right after New Year and run until the beginning of February. We would like to invite you to take part in this practical outreach based on the truth that “… no one can help everyone, but everyone can help one – or more…”

Our mission:

  • To distribute the aid as efficiently as possible. That is why we work closely with the social authorities, who always send an assistant to help us find those who need it the most (there are no street names in the villages). The fact that we bring the aid out ourselves ensures that it reaches its destination.
  • To bring the message of Jesus out into all these homes. We do not sell the gospel for some sacks of coal and a food packet, but we have made it a principle that wherever we go, we bless the home and pray for the needs that are .. because we have a God, “who is rich unto all who call upon Him ”!!
  • The money goes undiminished for the purchase and distribution of emergency aid. There are no payroll expenses, no administration expenses and no “golden handshakes” !!

Many greetings from all of us!!
God Bless you all!!
Johs & Charlotte

 If you’d like to give towards our work, please use the link below. No gift is too small and we are grateful for every single donation. THANK YOU!

(If you’d prefer to give in $ rather than £, on the checkout page click “view basket” and change the currency selection on the top right.)