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Heartcry’s Moldova Project Co-ordinator, Gill Trevor, has just come back from visiting our partners in Moldova as well as attending the women’s conference in Ungheni.  Here is her report as well as some photos for you to see the progress with the building of the next refuge centre in Riscani.

As I returned from the sparkling autumn sunshine of Moldova this week I reflected on the ‘limitless’ goodness of God:  The Ladies Conference in Ungheni (entitled ‘Limitless’), attended by over 150 ladies – how amazing to have so many ladies from different churches, towns and villages when only a year or so ago everyone stayed in their own town and denomination;  Sam and Leo’s house – rising out of the ground, the roof on, the windows almost there, and the possibility of the family moving in for Christmas;  lives transformed;  young Christians growing,  leaders maturing.  Just as the leaves were falling to the ground it felt as if there was/is a new wind of the Spirit blowing through the churches of Moldova and the old is making way for the new in that wonderful autumn atmosphere of colour and fun.   

In Balti it was the same- a new openness, a wonderful day spent with the children in the village school at Pelinia where Dawn Kids visited in the Spring and an invitation for them to return in the autumn next year. The first drive-through coffee shop is being built by the church in Balti, right next door to the church, and on the main road into town.  This will not only be a wonderful outreach, alongside the all-weather football pitch, but will provide employment for some of the girls who live and study at the dormitory programme in the church. As Margaret Stunt remarked at the conference on several occasions,  ‘It is a New Day in Moldova.’

However there is still much to be done.  This is a country that is still badly fractured and hurting, especially the families. Women and children are incredibly vulnerable to violence and abuse. It is into such situations that Charlotte and Johannes Peterson of Pilgrims International continue to reach out with the Good News and love of Jesus.  Their project in Riscani to provide a centre of refuge and education for women, together with a new facility for the church, is coming on well (see photo gallery below).  The shell is finished, the fitting out in progress.  As with all building projects things often take longer and are more expensive than budgeted for but they are in faith that it will be complete by the middle of next year.  The church continues to meet amidst dangling wires and enormous amounts of dust and they have rented space on the ground floor and opened a youth centre.  The young people of Riscani love to come and hang out in this ‘safe place’ in the evenings, using the music room, playing table tennis, talking – hearing about and experiencing the love of Jesus.

As always my trip was full of joy and sadness and wonder and the ‘limitless’ love of God and His people.

Here are some photos of the church and refuge centre in Riscani which Heartcry has been supporting with your help.  We hope you are encouraged by all that the Lord is doing! To view as a slideshow, click on the first image below!

We hope you enjoy looking at the faces of all these transformed lives and seeing their home being built in the midst of the broken building.  At Heartcry over this Thanksgiving and Christmas season we would love to set ourselves a generosity goal of $10,000 for the next stage of this Moldova journey. We asked the coordinators on the ground what their next need is and they said they want to finish the building with the final decoration, windows and doors and heating! This would be a wonderful warm Christmas for everyone! So, if you would like to be part of this journey of generosity, please give via the donation button below. Thank you for your generosity!

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