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Report from Gill Trevor on behalf of the team:
We were full of admiration for the pilot as Gordon, Rachel and I dropped down into Chisinau airport.  The normally clear blue sky of Moldova was shrouded in thick fog!  Our flight from Heathrow had been delayed by fog across Europe and it seemed Moldova had not escaped either.  Nevertheless, even through the fog we could see so many improvements in the nation as we drove from Chisinau to Balti. The airport is now clean and modern, there are more and smarter cars on the roads (which themselves are much improved) and there is evidence of new construction work.  It is a new day for Moldova.

We were based in Balti for the first part of our trip.  Balti is one of the regional capital cities and primarily Russian speaking.  Here again there were signs of improvement with well-stocked supermarkets, new developments and a buzzing trade at the local pizza restaurant.

We were so blessed to spend time with Charlotte and Johannes Petersen and see the wonderful work they are doing in Riscani. We started off visiting the new coffee shop they have just opened on the main street in the town.  Moldovans are not used to going out for coffee with their friends but Charlotte and Johannes have created a smart, attractive venue which offers good coffee and cakes in a comfortable relaxing environment.  It also provides work for some of the girls living at the centre up the road. We pray for the success of this venture and that many coming in from the cold will find not only a warm environment but the warmth of Jesus as well.

Just up the road from the coffee shop is the new centre which so many of you reading this have contributed to.  This really was a joy to see. From outside things did not look so different but as we went inside all the hard work was immediately evident. As you can see from the pictures below the work has been done with excellence.  The bedrooms are warm and cosy, the bathrooms modern and immaculate and the kitchen and living space open and bright with a wonderful new big window looking out onto the street beneath.
The Grand Opening was a joyous event with a number of local dignitaries present.  It was lovely to see and hear the respect these officials have for Charlotte and Johannes and the work they have done in and with the community and equally moving to hear how the girls appreciate living at the centre.  They had worked hard preparing all the beautiful food, in itself a new skill.

The church facility is in the same building.  It has a separate external entrance but if you are in the girls’ centre there is a shortcut through ‘Narnia’ – a seeming wardrobe door leads into one of the smaller rooms of the church facility. The church is still a work-in-progress but there are new windows and heating so it is secure for the winter.

Rachel and Gorden both shared at the Shoulder to Shoulder Conference over the weekend;  Isaiah 43 v.19 had been a key verse for the church throughout the summer and both Rachel and Gordon shared and developed this theme. As we enter the season of ‘the new thing’ it is a time for courage; in a new season old things can begin to shut ; new means we haven’t seen it before, it can make us feel insecure;  it is a time to trust.  However, no matter the situation we need to praise and worship our wonderful God, it will change the way we see.

It has felt like it has been a time of ‘hidden’ building and establishing in Moldova but the time of breakout is coming!  The plan for the church facility is to ‘break through’ an existing window and wall and create a doorway for the church onto the street;  the café is an open door onto the street too.

Please pray for all these wonderful people and the nation in this time of transition, that God will make the way clear and that He will supply all their needs according to His riches in Christ. Thank you so much for partnering with Heartcry and the people of Moldova.

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