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Thank you so much for your ongoing support and investment in Heartcry for Change.  Your encouragement and engagement are such a strength to us and we are grateful for each of you.  We have just had such an encouraging update from our partners, Charlotte & Johannes, with stories of such hope amidst all the challenges of the last 18 months.  We wanted to share these testimonies with you and also send you a link to a slideshow of photos showing the progress.

Charlotte writes:

God led us to open one more church plant, in a town north from us. We have seen young people coming to Christ and it is wonderful to see how God is moving among the youth. We also started one more coffee shop in that town (called Briceni) so it would be an income to the young missionaries. Please pray for this. 

We also were able to minister to the youth this summer at a big conference and the Holy Spirit filled them and equipped them. We saw how they boldly started to prophesy and also were set free from bondages. 

We launched our Entrepreneur Training School and 25 young hopeful business people enrolled. We have been working long and hard on this programme and are excited that we now can give the youth in Moldova knowhow and skills to open their own small businesses…The Rehab work is also expanding and we are now building one more centre near Chisinau.  The one in Falesti is mostly full of students and we see and hear many miracle stories of God’s power…it is as always a faith project..and God is good and faithful.

We are also so thankful to God for all he is doing in the lives of our young girls. The move of the Holy Spirit has not stopped on our doorstep but God has touched each of their lives in a real and very visible way. We see how they grow in the love of God and also mature into young women that love Jesus. They are all active leaders in Sunday school and the youth work. We have this autumn also seen how God has started a healing process in several lives who were abused as children.  This is such an answer to prayer. Sometimes we want to see immediate results but again we have had to be patient ant wait for God’s timing and for them to gain trust to let go of the pain. We have also seen a real academic growth and this is also something of a supernatural touch for some of our young girls. God heals us spirit, soul and mind…

Click here to see a slideshow of photos of the progress with these projects.

Thank you so much for continuing to help Heartcry to support and encourage this work in Moldova.  As winter is just around the corner now, we will be sending another gift to Moldova later this month.  If you would like to contribute to it, you can do so via our dedicated online link below.

With our love and appreciation!
Rachel & Gordon and Helen.

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