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Heartcry for ChangeWow, what a year!

Through the generosity of many friends and churches 2016/2017 saw the first refuge home for vulnerable young girls built and established in Riscani, Moldova. The patient loving care of Charlotte and Johannes (Pilgrims International) and their team has given these precious young lives a safe place, a new family and a sense of hope.  In the spring Heartcry was then able to purchase a minibus for the girls to be safely transported to and from school and their other activities. As they have gone from village to village sharing their stories, other young people have asked for help and so the work is expanding rapidly.

Heartcry for ChangeA second shelter!
This building (pictured) is now home to a church with an apartment which is in the process of being converted into dorms for another 14 young women.  We have been privileged to help fund some of the repair work, installation of windows and electricity for this building.

Project “Warm Christmas”

As the hard cold winter rapidly sets in and temperatures drop as low as minus 30 C (minus 22 F), the church and dorms urgently need to be equipped with a heating system.  A heating pump (fully installed) to serve the whole building will cost €15,000.

Can you help us give the gift of a warm Christmas?
Your gift will mean that the church and shelter become a warm place to welcome people from the surrounding 28 villages.  The weekly Friday youth club, gathering about 40 young teenagers, and the Saturday children’s club with more than 30 kids attending, will be able to function in a warm venue. The team have just received open doors to reach out in all schools and will be able to visit and give lessons to thousands of young teens every week. On November 24th we will have a big youth concert after a whole week of outreach in all the colleges. Please pray for this!

Please help us to restore broken lives! Give the gift of a warm Christmas.