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Dear friends and prayer partners,  

Spring has arrived today – what a glorious day of sunshine, bright blue skies and blossom petals blowing in the breeze. All around transformation is taking place as the bulbs burst through the hardened winter ground and daffodils colour the landscape. I believe that as in the natural so in the spiritual. The UK is waiting for the final Brexit decisions to be made: will we be leaving the EU on the 29th March? Is it delayed and, if so, for how long? There is so much confusion in the political realm but I have such confidence that God holds our nation in His hands and is guarding the British Isles at this time. 

Helen writes: As I listened to Rachel preach over the weekend, she mentioned the Scripture from Daniel 7:25, He (satan) will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws.  Rachel explained that the word for “oppress” is a phrase which means to wear down with a consistent and relentless concerted strategy of constant harassment. Perhaps you have seen this played out in your own life recently and have observed how this can cause you to feel like sitting back, “checking out” and even giving up.  But, as Rachel encouraged us to realise, we must not allow the enemy to throw us off course from the timing and purposes of God.  As I heard this, I sensed that this enemy strategy is also being applied on a national level.   Harassment, confusion and weariness have certainly set in over the issues concerning Brexit in the UK and now we are even at the point of wondering whether the “set times” will be delayed, changed or abandoned altogether.  As I had these thoughts, I also felt the Holy Spirit remind me that even in the natural Big Ben, our London clock tower which is such a symbol of our capital city and the “time-keeper” in our nation, is currently silent and static as it undergoes renovation.  I felt the Lord say that all around the world, it is time for earth’s agenda to come into line with heaven’s timing and that whatever is out of alignment needed to fall silent and be reset and recalibrated.  This would release the breakthrough we have been waiting for and this is a threat to the enemy so he is trying to keep earth out of alignment but we must keep on standing firm and resist his efforts even when we feel the fatigue and weariness.  So receive strength today to stand firm and trust God’s timing for every word of promise!

Life has been hectic! What a season of travel and ministry. We started this month of March in the USA and end it in the UK but have travelled to Kuwait and several cities in the UK during these weeks. Our time at the Rainer Hills women’s conference was incredible and people gave generously towards the Moldova project, enabling us to finish the next women’s refuge house and begin to plan for the next project too. Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young— a place near your altar, Lord Almighty, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in your house; they are ever praising you.  This was the conference’s theme scripture from Psalm 84:3-4 and is such a powerful illustration of the heart of our Moldova project as we provide a home for His little “sparrows”! In fact, this scripture will be written on the walls of the new building as a reminder of how good God is to us. 

In March we have also travelled to Burton,  Uxbridge, Kuwait, Exeter, Barnstable, Reading, Leamington Spa and London, ministering at various conferences and speaking at a variety of events. The time in Kuwait was a precious reminder of the family of God worldwide. We were with African, Indian, Filipino and European congregations all meeting together in a dedicated compound where the National Evangelical Church  of Kuwait is based. The language, culture and expression of different styles of church all brought such a variety of colour and experience into these 5 days. 

Life has been a little challenging as my health continued to be an issue. I arrived back from Seattle still coughing and struggling. After seeing a doctor, I discovered I did have a chest infection and was given medicine to help. However, one course of treatment was not adequate, and the infection returned just before leaving for Kuwait. I was wondering if I should go but felt a strong sense of the prophetic call to the Middle East so I did go I went with a new course of treatment and God helped me to speak at 5 sessions while Gordon also spoke a further 5 times. It was a miracle as each time I stood to speak I stopped coughing and was able to communicate freely. Even stamina-wise God graced me to have enough energy for each task I needed to do. It was a special time of knowing I was sustained by Him.  As I write I have just heard that my father, Alan Vincent, is back in hospital yet again with kidney and urinary tract issues.  Each time he appears weaker and we wonder if this will be his time to meet Jesus but until now he seems to rally and live. So once again we pray, wait and see what the outcome will be. Since my parents live in San Antonio, Texas, this is stressful as we are never sure if we should be in the USA with mum at these times or wait and find he does rally. Please do pray for us to have wisdom. 

As you can see from the itinerary below, April will be UK-based with some new church contacts, as well as Helen speaking at Spring Harvest for the first time this year where she will be teaching the morning bible studies for the Encounter venue at Skegness.  Thank you for praying with us for our ministry!  We greatly value your partnership and prayer support while we travel and minister around the world.



Looking ahead to June, we are excitedly planning for our next Legacy Day called “Refuel” on Saturday 15 June.  This will be a day to explore different aspects of leadership and we are delighted that our friends, Pastors Craig and Monie Lotze from Victory Faith Fellowship in Spokane, Washington State, will be with us for the day.  As with our launch event in January, this is not a conference but rather an opportunity for engagement, inspiration, equipping, interaction and mutual encouragement.  The day will be interactive and will include panel Q&A times, group discussions and focused input from some of the leaders.  We would love for you to join us.  You can book online and find event information here 

With all our love and appreciation,
Helen Azer and Rachel Hickson.

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2 Responses to “April 2019”

  1. Helen norris peachcroft christian centre

    Dear helen, just seen that you were due to be part of the spring harvest team this year.

    Are you still able to be part of it.

    Also, how are you ,and your dad’s health?

    Blessings helen norris, peachcroft christian centre

    • Helen Azer

      Hi Helen, hope you’re keeping well.
      Yes, I was due to speak at Minehead. I am not part of the online content as they had to condense 4 different conferences into one! My colleague Rachel and I are adding lots of daily content to our Facebook and YouTube channels if you are interested!
      Blessings and keep safe. Helen


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