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Hello Heartcry family,  

What a glorious day it is today in the UK – perfect spring weather! The sun is bright, the daffodils are shining and tossing their yellow heads in the sun and the birds are singing at full volume. It is as if the birds are all rehearsing the Hallelujah anthem for the Christmas choir!! The other morning the noisy dawn chorus woke me up at about 5:30am. Feeling a little irritated by their noise I then heard the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said, “Rachel, this is what my watchmen and people should be doing. They should be declaring and releasing the sound of JOY and harvest over the nations. It is time to AWAKEN the dawn and overcome the night. Let the Church arise and awaken this NEW DAY of my presence and power in the land. Do not be silent – in these days you must sing and remember the goodness and purposes of your God.” Let the joyful cry of God’s House fill the skies! March was a busy and diverse month with many challenges but also multiple signs of God’s guidance and goodness. Helen and I have found ourselves in many cities and places holding seminars and training days with leaders, a conference in Portsmouth, and also responding to the various needs as a result of the Ukrainian war. We had a wonderful Trustees’ meeting with our board where we were able to review these last 2 years and document the miraculous and constant provision of God for us here at Heartcry. After 2 years of minimal conferences and events we are still able to pay all our bills, provide for the missions’ projects and serve the leaders of many nations. What a joy it has been to watch the kind provision of God. 

Helen and I have also ministered in churches across the UK this month, in Walsall, Black Country; Brixham, Devon; Edmonton, London; Betel, Birmingham; Coventry, Midlands, Premier Radio; Portsmouth; Isle of Wight; and Fleet Baptist church. These have been a variety of types and size of meetings but there is one characteristic that unifies them all – people are hungry to know Jesus more and see Him in their everyday lives. As we have travelled the nation this month, we have been so aware that people have lived through some very tough trials. A leader who had to bury his brother suddenly, parents with children who are suicidal and with real mental health issues, businesses needing orders and a new financial boost, uncertainty about job situations and grief due to loved ones dying without a farewell during COVID. Many of the confusing emotions of this last 2 years are now needing to be addressed, discussed, processed and healed. Jesus is the healer and helper in these times. Many of the ministry times have been tender and deep. God is so kind. We have found that there is a cry to know the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit in a new way as people long for that safe atmosphere of connection with God and with people.  

Obviously with our connection to Moldova, developed over these last years, we have also been working hard to serve those deeply affected by the Ukrainian war and the refugee crisis. I have thanked God, again and again, for our connection with Moldova and dear Charlotte and Johannes who are working as missionaries on the Moldovan / Ukrainian border to help. As I have watched the news, I have prayed but could at times have been tempted to feel utterly helpless BUT your generosity and these divine connections in Moldova have meant that we have been at the cutting-edge, placing hope and practical help into the hands of these precious refugees. 

We were able to send over £25,000 immediately to the frontline in Moldova where it has funded the opening of a 90-bed reception centre for those fleeing through Moldova. We have used your gifts to buy blankets, food and also travel tickets for buses and trains for refugees to continue their travel into Europe. They arrive with their money worthless and unable to even buy water for the journey or the bus ticket to find their family. In the first days there was no one else at the border but the church and Charlotte and Johannes are working with the churches in the area. Now other humanitarian aid has arrived but the needs are overwhelming. Charlotte has found herself working with the local government agencies co-ordinating the border help. She is such a gift speaking Russian, Ukrainian,  Moldavian, English and of course her native language Danish! Thank you, God, for these people. They are working so hard but are so gifted to serve in times of crisis. Charlotte and Johannes also decided is was not enough to just meet the people at the border but that they needed to travel into Ukraine and help inside the nation too. In these last 10 days they have taken 2 trips into Ukraine, packing buses with every type of aid, medical supplies, blankets, and food that they can. The busses that we originally bought for the rescue of girls who were being trafficked are now being used to save the lives of children and women fleeing for their lives. This last visit in Ukraine was more dangerous, the roads were more chaotic, shells and bombing is more wide-spread and life has deteriorated further The need is great. But LOVE never fails! I admire their courage and we are doing all we can to help. More money is being sent all the time. We have established a secure and reliable way to transfer money into the hands of our workers, keeping the cash in Euros to be of maximum benefit to the refugees and our workers. We are watching over the stability of Moldova too and praying! If you look at our Facebook page and website you will see the updates. We are now looking for specific medical supplies for the local hospital and other needs – please refer to our webpage for a list of specialist items needed.

As of last week, we have just registered with the UK government to be a sponsorship charity to help bring Ukrainian refugees into the UK and offer them a safe space and home. If this is something you would like to support, please send your details and what you can specifically offer to a family to us at . We are working with Charlotte and Johannes to identify families, Christian pastors, children and others who need homes so that we can link you with people as the needs arise. Initially the feedback had been that many Ukrainian mothers and children had hoped to stay in the immediately neighbouring countries such as Poland and Romania in the hope that they could return to their husbands and families as soon as possible and be closer to them. But as the war continues and the utter devastation of some of the cities becomes evident, many are realising that they may need to relocate more long-term so we are aware that the UK may become an option for some seeking refuge. We want to be ready to help connect those in need with wonderful homes here so please do let us know if you can offer accommodation. The government process is as yet a little unclear and lacks detail at this time but we are working to try to serve and help you. We are also working with our MP and the various committees to get further clarity. Thank you for your love and patience. Please pray for us. Heartcry will have someone to work exclusively in this area of helping the Ukrainian refugees and be a link person to help you.

As you will know if you read our letters frequently, Helen, Gordon and I should have been flying to Moldova for a leaders’ conference with the Ukrainian and Moldovan churches this week! Unfortunately, the conference will not now happen but we will be present through our help, finance and love. Please do pray for us to have wisdom and find our way through the paperwork to help many families who want a home. THANK YOU HEARTCRY FAMILY! You have been amazing and together we are making a difference! As we give what we can, God is adding His blessing to it. We were so touched to hear of one woman near Mariupol who has been cooking meals for anyone in need. Each day she prays over her supply of food and simply trusts that the little she has will stretch to feed anyone who comes her way…she has been cooking with the same bag of pasta for over 10 days and it just keeps multiplying as she pours out what she has! He is a miracle-working God!

Although raising help for Ukraine is occupying much of our time, we are still traveling and ministering as well. This coming month we will also have the joy of some international travel as we visit the Faroe Islands over Easter. Here is a summary of where we will be ministering this month:

Ministry Dates For April 2022

3 Fresh Bread Message – Heartcry social media platforms (Helen)
4 Meetings in London (Rachel & Helen)
8 BICP Conversations online (Helen)
11-20 Helen on leave
14-18 Faroe Islands Easter Conference (Rachel & Gordon)
20 Letchworth Garden City Church leaders zoom meeting (Rachel)
22 Kingdom Advance Network prayer leaders meeting, Burton, UK (Rachel & Helen)
23 Gather The Mothers meeting, Betty King Ministries, London, UK (Rachel)
25 Coventry Elim team night (Rachel & Helen)
27 Gordon’s birthday 🙂
28 Rediscover Church, Exeter, leaders’ day (Rachel & Gordon)
28 C3 Cambridge Academy seminar evening (Helen) 

We trust you have a very blessed and joy-filled Easter and thank you for your incredible support!

With our love and appreciation,
Rachel & Gordon and Helen.

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