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Dear Friends and Partners of Heartcry,
The sound of Christmas carols are once again filling the air and suddenly the end of year is coming fast. However, before we can sit down and celebrate Christmas with our families we still have one more Heartcry mission’s trip this year. We have just finished some hectic weeks travelling throughout October and November. In fact I am writing this letter on a flight having just returned from celebrating Thanksgiving with my parents in San Antonio after being in Dallas for the Global Prophetic Summit. I was so privileged to be part of this Prophetic Consultation in Dallas, Texas, alongside prophets from around the world. It was an honour to connect with so many great men and women from over 50 nations who carry a heart for prayer and influence in their nations. I felt well out of my league but loved recognizing that so much we are carrying in our hearts as Heartcry was echoed in our discussions and it gave us a deep sense of hope that God is moving all over the world. The prophetic word for 2018 will be released in the next few weeks as a summary of the sense of our time together.  We will update you with a link as soon as it is available.

So, even as we come to the end of 2017, I was reminded again during this American Thanksgiving season that we have so many reasons for celebration and gratitude. Sometimes when we look back over a year we can more readily remember all our personal challenges and struggles plus all the tumultuous world events which have caused alarm, distress or suffering d


uring this year. We may look at the last twelve months and wonder whether we have had any good harvest at all. But this Thanksgiving I was reminded of the Scripture from Ps 85:12 (NLT): Yes, the Lord pours down His blessings. Our land will yield its bountiful harvest. I felt we all need to hear this confident “Yes” speaking from Heaven over our life! So, take a moment to recall those “yes” moments where you have been surprised by God’s blessing. The harvest can come in many shapes and forms so maybe it was not the vast wheat fields that you expected but looked more like a few red berries found in the hedgerows or some succulent blackberries? Though smaller and less ostentatious, they speak just as much of God’s bounty and fruitfulness if we have eyes to see and hearts to understand!

For us at Heartcry for Change we’ve loved seeing the many “blackberries” of provision and answered promises this year. We have received testimonies of healing and stories of salvation and examples of God’s kindness. We have been able to publish and release my new book “I Love Prayer” (the ebook version is now available through our website shop); and the redesign of our logo and launch of our new website. So there has been lots of change, progress and hard work. We are also so thankful for God’s provision for our partners in Moldova who are now in process of renovating and equipping a second refuge home for vulnerable young girls…what a joy to be able to help them in this vital work. We have been able to give them a significant gift to help with this project and now only need about £4,000 or US $ 5,000 to complete project “warm Christmas”! If you’ve not caught up on the latest news you can read more on the website.

While I have been away in USA travelling with Gordon, Helen has remained in the UK and been kept busy too. She has enjoyed serving several churches in the nation including speaking at Epping Forest Community Church, ministering at a ladies breakfast at Kings Road Church Berkhamsted, conducting two healing services in Oxford and Abingdon and travelling to speak at the Sunday church service in Okehampton. In each of these places there have been wonderful stories of how God has enabled us as Heartcry to carry the right word at the right time and bring hope, fulfilling our call to be a prophetic voice with a compassionate heart. So we are so thankful for the opportunity to share Jesus with so many in our nation. Although Christmas is now on the horizon, we still have several ministry appointments before we can fully relax and enjoy the end of another great year:

2 Kiveton Community Church, Kiveton, Rotherham (Rachel & Helen)
3 Liberty Church Rotherham (Rachel)
3 Liberty Church, Swinton (Helen)
5-12 Overseas Missions trip
12 Ashburnham Filling Station (Rachel)
20-28 Heartcry office closed for Christmas
31 Kingsgate Community Church (Rachel)

Thank you so much for all your generosity and love. We are so blessed by your kindness.

With all our love and appreciation,
Rachel Hickson and the Heartcry for Change team.

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