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 February 2022  

Dear Heartcry Friends & Family  ,

WELL – 2022 is here and the doors of opportunity are opening! It has been so good to watch many restrictions begin to relax during January and feel we can travel and meet again more normally. January has been a month of travel and connection in the UK, being able to encourage many churches and leaders and we were even able to have our Legacy Day in Oxford. It has been fun. Christmas was a busy family time with all the family, 3 generations together in our home with 3 dogs in the mix too. It was crazy chaos but it was so wonderful to have my Mum, brothers and families and both kids and all our grandkids together. There were many crazy competitive games, LOTS of food and conversations. It was a special time after the cancelled Christmas of last year. 

Helen and I have travelled the nation already this year. Each weekend we have been in different churches training leaders to discern the times and upgrading their prophetic understanding and we were also able to host our Doors of Opportunity conference here in  Oxford. That was a fabulous day when 110 people gathered in a room to love God, enjoy each other’s company and worship! God really ministered to people’s hearts and it was so good to be in the room together sensing the presence of God. 

Another landmark this month was the publication of my new book Spiritual Architects – the gift of prophets to the Church today. We were able to have a book launch at the Legacy Day and have now released it for sale on the Heartcry bookshop online. If you are in the UK, you can purchase a copy here. Unfortunately, we are not able to launch it internationally yet as we published in the UK but we are working on the international rights now. So, if you live in the USA and Europe, it will be a little longer before we are able to sell there. Sorry!! But in the meantime, you can order the e-book version through our website. The book has been well received and I have been so blessed by the kind endorsements and encouragement. 

As we started this year, we felt the prophetic challenge of God saying – “Look for opportunities in the midst of uncertainty – I am giving you keys to unlock this new era.” I have also felt the call of God to return to a simple reliance on the Holy Spirit and to be open to His prompting. So often we have made our church life and spiritual responsibilities so complicated but God is asking us to return to a simplicity of love and service again. 

In connection with this, one of the things we are noticing as we visit churches and networks is the hunger to upgrade people’s awareness and experience of the Holy Spirit more in this season. So we have taken time at the end of meetings and church services to pray for people to be filled again and we are also increasingly being asked to teach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Helen started her year with the South West Youth Ministry going back to biblical foundations looking at the person, character, fruit and gifts of Holy Spirit. Many of the young leaders commented that they were very aware of negative spiritual influences in their youth groups and communities but felt powerless to change those atmospheres. They had never appreciated that God equips us to demonstrate His power through our lives so that we can reverses curses, break strongholds and bring people into freedom. For many, spirituality has been reduced to church traditions and a form of religion but without the presence and power of God that brings the breakthrough. It was wonderful to see these SWYM leaders inspired to become naturally supernatural. We believe that God is emphasising that we are to be a people of both His PRESENCE as well as of His POWER. 

February continues to be a month of training, teaching and connecting. Helen will visit Norway to teach at the YWAM base there on the Holy Spirit, Gordon returns to Meribel for his Ski chaplaincy with the interns of the Altitude project and I will be busy in the UK. Apart from the in-person meetings, we will also release a pre-recorded “Fresh Bread” message on our Heartcry social media platforms on the first Sunday of each month so do look out for those.  If you missed my January prophetic word for 2022 “Doors of Opportunity”, you can watch it on Facebook or YouTube. We have also added links to other prophetic ministries which have published a word for the new year. You can find the references on this page or under the news tab on our website.

Ministry Dates For February 2022

1-14 Ski Chaplaincy, Meribel, France (Gordon)
6-11 YWAM DTS teaching, Kristiansand, Norway (Helen)
6 Brecon Elim Church, Wales (Rachel)
7 Prayer Leaders meeting, Manchester, UK (Rachel)
14 Coventry Elim elders & leaders meeting, UK (Rachel & Helen)
17 Norway National Prayer Leaders’ gathering, online (Rachel)
26-27 City Life Church, Sheffield, UK (Rachel & Gordon)

As we look ahead into the spring, we are planning some ministry trips in Europe, notably visiting our missions’ partners in Moldova in April. We will also minister in Austria in June and we plan to be in Washington State, USA, in July for a conference too so we hope we can connect with some of you then – do watch the calendar on our website for dates, places and details!

As we embark on this new year, we pray that you will encounter Jesus in a fresh way in 2022 and be so aware of the presence and power of Holy Spirit in your life.

Thank you so much for your love and support!
Rachel & Gordon and Helen.

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