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I just wanted to let you to know that my precious Dad, but known as ALAN VINCENT to many, went home to be with Jesus on Wednesday 8 April at 12noon Texas, USA time, (6pm UK time) on the first day of Passover 2020.
My mum, two brothers and I had had a very special moment around his bed on an internet call just an hour earlier and were able to say our goodbyes, cry and pray together. My Mum was with him when he died. I feel thankful that his suffering is finally over but also a deep sense of loss, especially in this strange season that we cannot be together as a family and comfort one another. Mum and Duncan are in the USA and David and I are here in the UK but also separated.

So my Dad, Alan Vincent, entered into glory at 12 noon on April 8th 2020. My Mum, Eileen, and Dad were married for 66 years and they had three children, my brothers Duncan Vincent and David Vincent, and me – Rachel Hickson – and also 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Please honour with us an amazing life lived for Jesus!

ALAN VINCENT – A warrior, a man of great faith, a renowned Bible teacher and author who brought spiritual revelation to tens of thousands for more than 55 years. A missionary who served the Lord in India, who has pioneered in many nations, church planting, raising indigenous leaders and sacrificially giving of himself to every need. He was known as “Dad Alan” in India and was received as an apostle around the world. A father to many, raising up leaders who have now established churches and networks worldwide. A man of love, dedication, self-sacrifice, one who always took responsibility. His life impacted thousands of thousands. He was greatly loved. His was a life well lived.

I’m so grateful for all your love, care and support over these last months when Dad has been so unwell. Thank you for praying and standing with us as a family – you have been amazing. I would so appreciate your ongoing prayer as we navigate the process of a funeral etc, still apart. Mum and Duncan will be the only family at my Dad’s funeral as I and my brother, David, are unable to travel to the USA due to the current lockdown. This will be hard.

Because of the restrictions upon us these days, obviously any public Celebration of my Dad’s life will have to wait but we will have an opportunity at a later date in both the USA and another in the UK.

Thank you so much for your love and prayers.
Love you, Rachel.

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  1. Amy Streit

    Rachel, here in Camp Hill, PA at Christ Community Church, I remember many opportunities when your parents, then you, have ministered the Word to us. Your family has always pointed us to a rich understanding of God’s word, promises and unwavering hope we have in Christ. I’m sorry to hear of your Father’s passing two years ago…but so very grateful for his life, his message and wisdom he so freely shared of God’s truth, goodness and power. Your family has left an indelible mark of faith in this PA region and I’m so grateful!
    Bless you as you continue to minister His Word!
    Amy Streit
    PA, USA

  2. Jihe Song

    I have never heard of Alan until after I read Eileen’s gripping biography of CT Studd and Priscilla on 25 May 2022, and shortly after discovered her relation to Alan!
    Its my second listening of Alan, what a divine appointment led by the Almighty God who dispenses His graces at perfect times when we need them. To my profound sadness, I discovered Alan’s death. He was 90 years and has served the Lord for 66 years. What a life he had led for the Lord Jesus. I hope you have recovered from this great loss and pray for His anointing to break any jokes that might hinder your life and ministries. May His comforts and peace keep you and your families.


    What a great teacher of the word i first met him in Zambia at a conference organised by Prophet Bernard Nwaka

  4. Evelyn Franco

    Pastor Allan Vincent visited our church in Miami, Florida, King Jesus Ministry. We were greatly blessed by his teachings and anointing. He was definitely one of God’s vessel of love and wisdom. He will be missed by many but in heaven he is rejoicing. Blessings to the family.

  5. Pastor Bridget R. Munyasia

    Rev Alan and Mum Eileen Vincent were soldiers. I met t them in the Mid eights in Kenya my country. The teachings of Pas Alan motivated my to join full time ministry now in South Africa. Dad Alan had eaten the Word of God and walked with integrity. May our Father water the seed he planted may Mum Eileen live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. May the Holy Spirit who is our comforter do a work in Mum Eileen’s heart and the hearts of the family at large which no one can do. In all this Jesus is still Lord

    Rev Bridget

  6. Janice Campbell

    Dear Rachel,
    I have only recently came across your ministry and have been greatly encouraged in my love for the Lord. I never knew your Dad, but by the many tributes that have been give to him and his ministry.He appears to be a man that was greatly loved.May you know the Lord’s comfort at this time.My sincere condolences to you and your family.
    Every blessing ❤️

  7. Funto Orimalade

    Dear Pastor Rachel,
    I was asking after him and other ministers who gave us sound teaching whist we were in England. This was few days before his translation into glory when I was sending a message to Pastor Alan Woodhouse of Aylesbury Vale Community Church, Aylesbury UK. My family and I moved to Canada in 2014. I was remembering the days when we sat under Pastor Alan and Pastor Eileen’s many teachings at AVCC.

    May his soul find eternal rest and may the Lord comfort you, your mom and your brothers. A great man of wisdom and integrity.

  8. John Duncan

    I just came across this. Very sorry to hear of the loss of Alan. He was a powerful bible teacher and his sermons had a great impact on me. Particularly sorry that you were unable to attend his funeral owing to the current restrictions. With love.

  9. Rosemary Proudfoot

    Such special memories of your father, Rachel. It was a privilege to have known his ministry, to have experienced his passion, shining faith, wisdom and especially the impact and challenge of his teaching on Kingdom living.

    We are thinking of you and pray that all your family will continue to know God’s abundant love, comfort, strength and peace in your loss.
    With our love and every blessing,
    Rosemary and Robert

  10. Alan Swope

    May He comfort you in the loss of your Godly father, Rachel. What a legacy he left.

  11. Steve Fripp

    Dear Rachel, Many memories over the years of your Dad Alan (and Eileen) when he visited Gosport and Southampton and preached life and hope and Truth to many people. I was priveliged to talk with him a few times. A true Father figure greatly respected but very much InTouch with people and day to day life !

  12. Loraine Craig

    Dear Rachel, what a privilege it was to have sat under your Dad’s ministry years ago. The wisdom, love of Jesus and love of people that flowed out of him made a huge impression upon me and I count your Dad as one of the main influencers and encouragers of my life. I have thought of both of your parents many times over the years and thank the Lord for them both. I will be praying for you and your Mum and the rest of your family over the days ahead. Difficult times made more so by the current lockdown. May God grace you all with every provision on every level. I am so glad that you were all able to have that time with your Dad albeit remotely thanks to the wonders of modern technology. May our wonderful Jesus and loving Heavenly Father enfold you in loving arms and fill you with comfort and peace. In the midst of sadness I can somehow hear the huge welcome as your Dad enters into the Father’s presence. Oh what joy at the arrival of your Dad who ran such a good race and leaves such a legacy through you and the many who he has ministered to. Dear Rachel, I am not good with words but my heart is full for you. Much love xx

  13. Sue Privett

    Absent in the body, present with The Lord.
    What a blessing to have had such a wonderfully godly earthly father, Rachel.
    Am so sorry for your loss and the circumstances surrounding his death and funeral arrangements. May the Lord give you grace, comfort and heal your hearts.

  14. Kimberly Patzer

    My husband and I met Alan at a Lifelinks conference in Medicine Hat, AB in the late 90’s. It was through his life-stories and the revelations that God had given him that has so greatly impacted us on our own faith journey. One thing we recall him saying was “Faith cannot create; it can only lay hold of what is already there.”
    Our deepest condolences to you and your family during this difficult and trying time,
    Kimberly & Craig Patzer
    Yorkton, SK

  15. Joy Gillott

    What a man. What a leader. I still have some of his sermons in the covers of my bible and think of them often. What a privilege to have sat at his feet. To have been in his church and to know he is with the Lord now is so wonderful
    Will be thinking of you all at this difficult time. Jesus knew this would happen now and He has a plan for you all. Lots of love and prayer to you all. Joy Gillott

  16. Patti Heindel

    May the Comforter sustain all you precious family members and friends who loved this dear man. So well done, Alan Vincent, good and faithful servant of God.

  17. Wayne & Annie Vinson

    Rachel. We are very sad for you in your loss. Especially in this difficult season. Prayers for you and your family of Gods wrap around love and care, His presence comforting you and even tying you together in the Spirit as you grieve separately.
    Reading of his life, he will take eternity to meet and rejoice with all those he impacted with Gods love.
    Much love and prayers
    Wayne and Annie

  18. Chris

    He was a Spiritual Father to me. Brought so much revelation through his teaching to my country – Poland. Although I didn’t know him in person. He was truly the man of God ,a general in faith.Great loss.My condolences to You Rachel and all Your family.Always remembered in my ❤️

  19. Joan Gaddas

    Oh Rachel! I know you will be grieving the loss of your dad but he will be receiving that “well done good and faithful servant”. Your dad came a few times to a fellowship I used to belong to in Gatley near Stockport and I loved his ministry. Just used to feed my spirit and refresh my soul. I still have some notes made maybe 30 years ago. Bless you and thank you!

  20. Jenny and Ken Stent

    God will have received dad with a huge welcome, a big smile, and much tender love

  21. Jacquelyn Wood

    My Dear Rachel,
    It is hard to lose a parent and I understand a little of what you will be feeling now.
    Not being able to be with your family right now must be hard for you both and your brother.
    It was good you were able to see your dad your mum and brothers and say your goodbyes and pray together.
    Your dad has touched many lives over the years, his photo shows how a lovely man he was. He has his reward now!

    We love you and praying you will know the presence of our Lord today and the days to come. God Bless you xx


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