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Once again, a big hello and hug to all our friends at Heartcry!

Unbelievably another month has sped by but this month the weather has shifted to help remind us that it is actually summer once again. After a very wet month of rain, hail and freezing cold days in May, June here in the UK has been a little kinder. My brother arrived on the 27th May from Texas and we have joyfully celebrated the fact the he seems to have brought the Texas variant with him – this variant is called the SUN! Since he arrived we have definitely had some glorious days. However, after much expectation that on the 21st June COVID restrictions would be largely abolished here in the UK, unfortunately we were told that we had to endure a little longer. So some of the plans we had made for us here at Heartcry for June have had to be altered but fortunately so many face to face meetings have been able to continue. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with many of our friends and amazing leaders from all over the UK and have time to listen to their stories of God’s goodness over these last 18 months. 

On the first Sunday of each month, we are broadcasting a TRUMPET CALL message for you on our YouTube and Facebook platforms. This month Helen did the message called NO MORE DELAY and we have been so encouraged by the testimonies of the turnarounds that have happened as a result of listening and praying with us after this message.  One lady was moved to declare “no more delays” over waiting for an appointment for her husband’s referral for surgery for a brain tumour.  The very next day, the hospital called with a date for the pre-operative consultation and surgery.  They are now believing for total healing too!  Another person asked us to join in prayer that communication would be restored between her and her husband who had left the family home and refused to respond to any communication.  That week, he responded for the first time in four years!  In the most painful of situations, the enemy’s strangleholds can be broken as we recognise that we do not fight flesh and blood but principalities and powers but Jesus has given us authority to bring shifts and see breakthroughs.  Maybe you are facing apparent impossibilities today…we pray for these situations to turn around and for every constraint to be broken.

This coming month, on Sunday July 4th, I will share the message with the title “TIME FOR EXPLORATION!”. I really believe that God has got a word for us and I am excited to be able to share it with you. So do tune in on our Facebook page or our YouTubeplatform.

So what was June like in the Heartcry office? After months of recording and preparing for our regular messages of hope, it has been a welcome break and change of rhythm to have time for other administration, pastoral time and opportunities to connect with real people instead of constant social media platforms. This has been wonderful! We have had time to meet with some of our Trustees individually and catch up with their stories as they have continued to teach, serve and work during this last challenging year. We visited Windsor and had a prayer day with a group of intercessors praying for the nation and the royal family in this season of shift and change. We have had time to connect with our friends in Betel and wonder at the provision of God as they continue to build the Anchor Point headquarters in Birmingham. I was also privileged to go up to Wembley and spend a morning with Rev Betty King recording a message for The Cry, her new programme on the GOD TV channel. I also still continued with zoom calls with leaders: a highlight was speaking on the M4 training day to 16 European nations and training and connecting with young church planters. 

We have also had many wonderful meals connecting with friends who lead Alpha online, leaders from Hillsong, a young leader from Unleashed Kingdom plus connecting with young prophetic leaders in new networks and older friends who are part of Kingdom Advance Network. It was so good to meet people face to face and discover that, although times have been hard for people, with unexpected health issues, bereavement and financial challenges, each precious friend has found grace to stand! While the travel restrictions still remain and we are not able to travel to America and our European friends we have still tried to pray and connect together. We love our precious friends in Spokane and have always enjoyed our times of prayer and encouragement when we take time to zoom! Looking ahead to July I think our schedule will be similar, where we try to balance meeting with friends and leaders face to face individually in their locations and continue with zoom recording for meetings where necessary.

As we now approach July, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you! Although we are living in a season when we are experiencing so much uncertainty and hesitancy, God wants to give us clarity. We may still feel unsure as to whether we will be able to go on holiday, be working back in the office or able to close that amazing deal as there still appear to be so  many unknowns. But God has a definite, clear and precise way ahead for us. We are not without hope and a future that will prosper us!  In Habakkuk God encourages his prophet to “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.” (Habakkuk 2:2) Here the prophet was confused and complaining and God says, Habakkuk – write it down! I have felt God say this is an important time to read back over journals and notebooks, look back over impressions that you have written down in the past, rehearse and remind yourself of your God-given instincts and guidance for this next season. Moses was able to direct the children of Israel to imagine and explore this, “land flowing with milk and honey” because the Israelites had rehearsed the promises of their promised land in the wilderness, but they had no idea what this land would actually look like! They had to explore the uncharted territory in front of them and begin to see what the promises meant in their present reality. We too don’t always understand the context of the promises we have written down and how they will be fulfilled until we enter these times of convergence. We need to let the joy of exploring our new landscape stir in us and be amazed by how God brings all these words into our present reality.  So, do not let the uncertainty of the atmosphere of today shape your future. Instead, look back at what you have written down. Read it and remember it and then watch for these things to happen. Do not get distracted by this strange season at the moment but hold strongly to the convictions that you have held for your future. So, as many of us will try to take a holiday or some type of down time over the summer, during your staycation, take some time to remind yourself of what you have written down and stir your expectation and go and explore the new land God has for you!

Here is a brief overview of some of our ministry opportunities in July:

26 June – 4 July Heartcry Team on leave
4 July Trumpet Call message, Heartcry online platforms (Rachel)
6 July Prayer day in London
7 July Salvo Foundation online meeting, open registration through web link (Rachel)
17 July War Rooms online meeting (Rachel & Helen)
18 Living Waters Church, Northolt, UK (Rachel)
19-22 Connection time, North Devon House of Prayer (Rachel & Gordon)
24 Rachel’s birthday 🙂

Have a wonderful July and I trust that the blessing of God will pour upon you. Please do keep in touch and we look forward to connecting again in September, maybe even face to face in Oxford!!

Many blessings,
Rachel and the Heartcry Team.

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