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We hope you have had a special Easter! Here in the UK, the coming of spring has been so welcome with its warmer, sunnier days and the stunning beauty of the cherry blossoms all around us. It is a family tradition that on Gordon’s birthday weekend at the end of April we go for a walk in the bluebell woods and this year’s display did not disappoint! It always blesses me to see new life springing up from what looked so bleak and barren just a few weeks ago as the harshness of winter yields to the insuppressible power of life. Suddenly you become aware of what has been growing almost imperceptibly just beneath the surface. On the world stage at this time there is still such a wrestle for light to overcome the darkness of war but we hold fast with faith to every prophetic promise that this decade will be a season of great harvest with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. So let us not give up hope but instead look for the supernatural to break through seemingly impossible situations. So many people are testifying to miracles in their everyday situations: a triple negative breast cancer patient was given the all clear by her doctors in spite of her initial diagnosis that was not promising; another man who had been declared brain dead seven months ago is now walking and talking again with a fully regained memory!  Even in the besieged villages of Ukraine, we are getting first hand testimonies of families seeing food supernaturally multiplied as they pray and call on God to provide for them and their communities.

As I reflected on the Easter story again this year, I was so struck by Mary’s encounter with the risen Jesus. Jesus had conquered death and was on His way to ascend to the Father but He allowed Himself to be interrupted by Mary’s distress as she looked in vain in the empty tomb. Jesus saw Mary: He saw her pain and her confusion; He saw her heartache and longing; He saw her need for comfort and reassurance. He SAW her, and He stopped and met her need. I feel so strongly that Jesus wants us to know this same care wherever we are today. Jesus sees YOU and will meet your need.

Over the last month, Gordon and I have been busy traveling and preaching. We were thrilled to return to the Faroe Islands as speakers for the Easter Convention. Returning to special places is always a joy, and the Faroes did not disappoint. It was wonderful to travel again with relative normality. And to spend focussed time praying, ministering and connecting with leaders over this Easter weekend was special. To watch people have hope restored, find Jesus for the first time, respond to the messages on the radio and sense the new hope in the leaders was rewarding. As we were sitting in the departure lounge at the airport in Torshavn, Faroes, a man approached us with tears. He said “You are like the President of the USA – everyone knows you and your voice because of the radio”. He then shared his story of divorce and difficulty over the last 3 years and how he loved Jesus but felt so lost. He said, “I was listening to your message on the radio driving here and I had to stop the car as God spoke to me, and now here you are!” We were able to pray with him and his tears turned to joy! As I watched him leave for his flight, I knew this was a Jesus appointment. 

April has also been a busy month continuing to support Charlotte and Johannes in Moldova as they have courageously brought aid into many regions of Ukraine. The journeys have been dangerous and not without incident. Johannes was in a car accident due to another driver driving on the wrong side of the road at some speed and colliding with them. Johannes’ vehicle was written off but thankfully he and the other team member escaped with minor injuries. The other driver was more seriously injured but Johannes and the team were able to pray for her and even help pay her hospital bills.  We are in regular contact with Charlotte and Johannes and have received this recent update from Charlotte:

Charlotte writes: Thank you once more for prayers and support. We are still holding our breath and keep interceding as we see the build-up of army in Dunbas. We are often in Ukraine with help, and your support has been a great support to churches housing hundreds of people, brothers and sisters, and bringing help to the very dangerous places. In Vinnitsa you are helping a church who has 30 drivers stationed who evacuate women, children and elderly. One of their drivers has been shot. Let’s keep them in our prayers. A group from here just  arrived in Milan. Women, children and elderly and this is the second bus we have sent to Italy. A young girl on one of the busses told her story:

Before leaving Mikylaev I was scared and made sure that a bus to Italy would be waiting on me and my daughter at the border. We bought the ticket online, and fled. Tired and frightened we arrived at the border to Moldova and realised it had all be a scam. There was NO bus and all our money had been cheated from us. As I started to panic, a young woman approached me (one from Charlotte’s team) and asked if I wanted to go to Italy where a Christian church would take care of my accommodation. I was confused but they convinced me to go, and then I was on my way to Italy, but this time with Christians who cared and wanted to help me. I still can’t believe it to be true!

Our nation is deeply traumatised. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you for your generous support. Your donations are enabling us to continue this great work. May the Lord continue to bless you all for your faithfulness! Johannes filled a van with canned food and sleeping bags. A request from mums whose sons are at the front. We are grateful that we can help these boys in the fight against evil. 

Thank you, Charlotte! Also, thank YOU, Heartcry family, for all that you are enabling by way of support.  We are continuing to send funds to the points of greatest need on the frontlines for the rescue, rest and relocation efforts. Presently we are supporting about 2,500 Ukrainians who are displaced within Ukraine, through 5 churches and hundreds of other refugees relocated in Moldova at present. We are also working with Charlotte and Johannes in bringing small groups of refugees to the UK.  Our aim is to try to keep families from the same communities together if possible so that they are able to relocate within close geographical proximity to one another in the UK for support and fellowship.  If you or your churches would like to give towards this ongoing work, please do so through our website or BACS.  All the information can be found here 

This coming month we will be ministering across the UK. Here is a summary of speaking engagements. Also please do remember to listen to Rachel’s message this Sunday on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Ministry Dates For May 2022

1 Fresh Bread Message – Heartcry online social media platforms (Rachel)
1 Kingdom Advance Network Sunday service, Burton, UK (Rachel)
7 Hope Church “Women Who Pray” meeting, Corby, UK (Rachel)
7 Ladies’ Breakfast, Heatherside Community Centre, Camberley, UK (Helen)
7 Kingdom Advance Network men’s breakfast,  Burton, UK (Gordon)
8 Fleet Baptist Church, Fleet, UK (Helen)
9 Elim Coventry, UK (Rachel with Gordon, Helen)
10-12 Elim Leaders’ Summit, Harrogate, UK (Rachel with Gordon, Helen)
20-22 Betel 25th Anniversary Weekend, Birmingham, UK (Rachel with Gordon, Helen)
26 Leadership Development Cohort Day, Elim Coventry, UK (Helen) 
29 Legacy Church, Walsall, UK (Helen)
24-31 Rachel & Gordon Holiday/Vacation

Thank you for all your ongoing support!

With our love and appreciation,
Rachel & Gordon and Helen.

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