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Saturday, 23 May 2020, is NEW SEED DAY.

We want to give you an opportunity to give a SEED into the HEARTCRY FOR CHANGE ministry and then dedicate it on PENTECOST SUNDAY to grow and become part of the NEW days that God will direct us into after this time of LOCKDOWN. If you’d like to participate in this adventure with us, you can make a donation into this very special NEW SEED for NEW DAYS Gift Day anytime from this Saturday 23 May until Saturday 30 May through our website or by emailing to request our bank details if you prefer to give by wire transfer.  

In the foundation documents of MAY 23rd 1999 it states that Heartcry for Change started with a single gift of £100…21 years later, we celebrate the generous provision of God who has multiplied that original seed.  We would love to bless that person who sowed that first gift.  What a legacy from a single seed!  

At Heartcry we do not usually have GIFT DAYS like this but here is the backstory! As Helen was preparing her talks, she sensed Holy Spirit say: “MARK Saturday 23 May 2020 and celebrate the story of Heartcry for Change”. She had no idea why May 23rd was special in the life of Heartcry and so she looked at the foundation documents and discovered that 23 May 1999 was the exact date that the Heartcry Trust was formed and registered as a UK charity!!  Although we have functioned as a ministry for nearly 27 years (and Helen has been a part for 13 of those years!!), we only became an officially recognized non-profit with charity status in the UK 21 years ago this Saturday!  As we thought about 21 years – we felt this signifies a new coming of age.  We felt God was saying to us, “Mark this day because I want to say, well done, you have been faithful for these 21 years and you’re now entering a new season!” 

Most of us sense this shift of season and realize that what lies ahead is new. So we want to have a special celebration “Gift Day” for Heartcry: giving you an opportunity as people who have been touched by Heartcry over the last 21 years to give a thank offering for all that has been in the past and sowing a NEW SEED into these NEW DAYS!

Click here to participate in this Gift Day.


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