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Dear Heartcry family & friends,

Well here we are again!! Somehow this strange year of COVID-19 has a rhythm all of its own! At times it feels like life is dragging in a very slow and monotonous pace and at other times I turn around and think to myself – Where did, and how did, another month just disappear?! October was one of those months that just seems to have evaporated. I suppose I was very busy with family – my mother and brother living with me for 5-6 weeks, a new puppy arriving and keeping me on my toes both in the middle of the night and daytime and Gordon recovering from gall bladder surgery. So a busy month with plenty of challenges, lots of cooking, washing and hospitality but also time to reflect together as a family and look forward to new adventures as Mum makes plans to move back to the UK permanently next Spring 2021. In the midst of all this busy family life we still managed to keep Heartcry online 3 times a week with the messages of hope each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and share a word on Sunday with a prophetic sound and general encouragement for us as the church in this new season. So life has been stretched but we have done it!

Although life has been busy on the home front, we have also been busy in this new world of virtual conferences, Sunday morning messages and our ongoing Heartcry messages of hope. During October we have spoken into different nations and church situations, spoken at a conference in Northern Ireland and a leader’s day on the prophetic gift in local church. Due to my full house we had to find alternative venues to do the filming and learn once again how to find the best positions for lighting and sound. However, we have managed to record all the necessary sessions and they are now all being shown in many locations around the world. What a different season. 

Now we come to the end of October and the clocks fall back one hour as winter time comes to  the UK. As I was considering this, I felt God say – “Do not be concerned about tomorrow – Do not be in a panicked rush – I hold the times and seasons in my hand and this is a time to fall back on the goodness and reliability of God. I am always here and my times and purpose stand forever.”  As the year draws to a close there are many important decisions being made in the nations. America holds its election on the 3rd November, Britain will complete its Brexit deal with Europe, Moldova will have its Presidential election on 8th November plus other nations including Jordan, Ghana, Venezuela etc. The nations are shaking and leaders are being called into their positions. I feel it is such a critical time to pray for our leaders. We know that in these days everything is being shaken and it is so important that the right leaders take their place to hold the nations in correct alignment for this next season. In the Passion translation 1 Timothy 2:1-4 reads like this:
Most of all, I’m writing to encourage you to pray with gratitude to God. Pray for all men with all forms of prayers and requests as you intercede with intense passion. 2 And pray for every political leader and representative, so that we would be able to live tranquil, undisturbed lives, as we worship the awe-inspiring God with pure hearts. 3 It is pleasing to our Saviour-God to pray for them. 4 He longs for everyone to embrace his life and return to the full knowledge of the truth.

As we pray for the elections in the USA, the Brexit process in the UK and the elections in these other nations we must ask God to help us see beyond the political boundaries to the hearts of men and women who will help craft governments and nations that provide the atmosphere for tranquil and peaceful lives. We need an atmosphere of good leadership in which the gospel can thrive. In chaos, rebellion and fear it is more difficult to see the Good News of the church flourish. Wars and economic chaos usually bring times of spiritual famine. We need secure environments where we can worship, share our story and make Jesus known. 

Let us pray: “So, God, we pray for our nations at this time and ask for PEACE. We pray that in the midst of all the confusion of COVID-19 and the political shaking we will see your Kingdom established in our cities and governments. Father, we need your kindness to be expressed to us in these days. Help us see your Kingdom influence our governments and the decisions in the nations at this time. Let your Kingdom come on earth….Let your peace and goodwill be to ALL men. We need your grace in these days. Amen.” 

In November we will be starting a new series for our online Heartcry messages of hope.  Having had several guests encourage and challenge us through October looking at Reformation in history and in society, we will be focussing on Bible study during November.  Helen will be doing a series using Paul’s letter to the Philippians and it will be a great opportunity to work through this amazingly encouraging letter together on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with so many themes that are relevant for our season. I (Rachel) will predominantly take the Sundays to share a word and prophetic overview. We will also continue to meet with leaders and speak at church and ministry events online via zoom or pre-recorded messages.  We hope you will enjoy connecting with us online!  Here is an overview of ministry for November:

Itinerary November 2020:

4 Nov Zoom evening meeting for London prayer group (Rachel)
5 Nov Zoom interview, Manchester Message Trust (Rachel) 
7 Nov Antrim, N Ireland Prayer Conference Zoom (Rachel & Gordon)
12 Nov Aldridge Filling Station meeting Zoom (Helen)
16 Nov Coventry Elim Church leaders evening (Rachel & Helen)
20-21 Nov Torquay Women’s Bible Study Conference, online (Rachel & Helen)
29 Nov Fleet Baptist Church online (Rachel)
29 Nov Cumnor Parish Advent service (Helen)

Thank you for your friendship, prayer and support. Thank you also to those who have participated in our harvest gift week for Heartcry over the last few days.  If you’d still like to contribute to this offering, please do so via our website  As ever, we are so thankful for your generous partnership which continues to enable us to do all we are called to in this season.

Every blessing and with our appreciation and love, 
Rachel & Gordon and Helen.

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