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Dear Heartcry Friends & Family  ,

I cannot believe that I find myself sitting to write another Heartcry news so quickly. It feels like I have just blinked my eyes and another month has gone! But what a month of surprises and joy! Helen and I have had our first adventure outside the UK to minister at the women’s conference in Vennesla, Norway, and we had great fun. But before we share more – let’s look at the rest of the month first.

Gordon had surgery on his right hand at the end of September and so early October was rest and recovery time. A good friend kindly lent us the use of their cottage in Cornwall and we were able to be there for 2 weeks. Gordon used this time to watch the busy harbour, walk the coastline, and rest his hand. I used this beauty and peace to inspire me to write my next book called Spiritual  Architects – the gift of the prophets in the local church. By the end of this time I had finished the first rough draft and now I need to complete the editing and the proofs for printing. We hope to have this ready by the New Year.

Also at the beginning of November, on Saturday 13th, we are having a Legacy Day where we will pause to “Refresh and Rediscover” the goodness of God for this next season. Please do book in as the numbers are limited but there is no charge as we want to bless those of you who come with a time of extended worship, prophetic refreshment and fellowship. Please do follow this link  to book your place. 

On our way back from Cornwall we were able to stop and minister in Brixham for the weekend and then reconnect with Jim and Mary Ware of the North Devon House of Prayer (NDHOP). The time in Brixham was special. God gave me a word for a man in the congregation. I felt God say that it had taken great courage for this man to come to church and meet with people face to face and that God commended him and wanted to encourage him as he took this brave step.  Afterwards he shared that he had lost his wife during Covid shortly after they had moved to Brixham and so he had struggled to come to see people in a new church but had made the decision to be brave. So he was amazed that God had encouraged him by speaking to him directly on his first Sunday in this church! God is so kind!

We have been busy this month recording messages and speaking face to face with leaders and churches. We have continued our Clarity series of six weeks of teaching on the gift of the prophets in this season. Helen did the first week and I followed two weeks later looking at the spiritual eyes of the church. Here is the YouTube link if you would like to watch. This teaching series will continue over the next 8 weeks, being released every other Wednesday. I have also had the privilege of leading a leadership seminar for Gainsborough and speaking virtually at Living Hope Church Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately both these events were via zoom but seeing the response and feedback was precious.

I have preached at Majesty Church, Uxbridge, back at their location in the university and loved the diversity of people, backgrounds and ages. It was so good to connect. There have also been days where we have had the privilege to connect with leaders and just spend time sharing, planning and praying for the future. It was good to connect with Sharon Blyth and catch up with her news and Moldova planning. We are hoping that in early 2022 we may be able to visit again and maybe do a woman’s conference. Gordon and I were also excited to be back in Exeter with Riverside Church. We had a day training and sharing with the leaders and then Sunday in the church. God touched many lives and there were tears and joy as God’s word penetrated hearts and gave hope.

In the midst of all this varied ministry we have also had birthdays and celebrations with Helen and 3 family members all with their birthdays in one week. It was so good to make cake, meet together and SING!! Real celebrations again! It has also been a time of concerted prayer for several friends who have had serious health issues emerge. I have been so touched by the resilience of these precious girls as they face a journey of surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments. They are brave!

Then to the BIG surprise! We were just preparing for the weekend ministry in Exeter when we received a call from Norway – “please come and help us!!” Unfortunately the speakers who were booked for their women’s conference, flying from the USA, had just cancelled and now they had a conference booked, with 800 plus coming and no speakers! “Can you come?”, they asked. Fortunately Gordon and I were booked to go to Scotland and they graciously agreed to move the dates to November and Helen was free. So the BIG adventure began and we flew to Norway for our FIRST out of the UK conference since March 2020! We were a little rusty and had to remind ourselves how to pack again, where do you park at the airport, how do you fill and complete all the new and challenging forms, and find your way in the now unfamiliar airports!! It was somewhat surreal as these places and systems used to be SO familiar. But everything was easy and we found our way, managed to enter the nation with all the documentation intact and had a wonderful time. One of the highlights for me was the different women chatting to me about their miracle babies. One grandmother had come for prayer for her son who had been told his sperm count was too low and they would not be able to have children. We had prayed together at a conference a few years ago and she had gone home to her son and his wife and they prayed together.  Now, nearly four years later, they have 2 children! The first was born 9 months after the visit! Then another grandmother came and said how we had prayed for her daughter just before lockdown and now her daughter is expecting her first child in March. A miracle child for many reasons! Finally one of the worship team came and said at one of the previous conferences I had stood with her and we had prayed and cried and I had hugged her, tummy to tummy, and prayed for life. Nine months to the exact date of praying for her, her daughter was born. I was so encouraged that God does hear our cry and answer us in times of trouble. Helen and I spent much of our time at this conference praying and standing with many women who needed a fresh touch from Jesus. The stories of hope and freedom were so touching and again reminded me why I love the privilege to preach and share Jesus.

So now, as we come to the end of October, I have family in our home again. Nicola and children have come to Oxford for a few days to explore and rest over school half-term. Duncan, my brother from the USA who has now sold everything and is returning to the UK, arrives on Thursday the 28th – this time for good!! He has bought a new home in Witney and it will be wonderful to watch him make his home near to us. Then Gordon will have the second part of his surgery, this time he left hand, on the 29th. His right hand has rapidly recovered from the last surgery and is strong and pain free. We are believing for the same for this left hand and the wonderful thought that he will be pain free for Christmas!

We conclude this month back in the South West of England, in Exeter, with Rediscover Church for a time of ministry and their REFRESH conference. Helen and I will be ministering there together. So October has been a busy but satisfying month. We were also able to send a mission’s gift to Moldova to assist with the winter projects. We hope to be able to support 500 families again and serve the local churches as they carry Jesus to the broken. Please do watch the update video here.

November will see us ministering in several locations across the UK. Here is an overview:

29 Oct Gordon’s 2nd surgery
30-31 Oct Rediscover Church, Exeter, UK (Rachel & Helen)
3 Nov Clarity Series Session 3, Heartcry social media platforms online (Helen)
3 Nov Prayer Day in London (private, Rachel & Helen)
7 Nov Heartcry Trumpet Call message online (Rachel)
11 Nov The Tribe/The Revive Collective network, online (Rachel)
13 Nov Refresh & Rediscover Heartcry Legacy Day, Oxford, UK (Rachel & Helen)
14 Nov Kingdom Advance Network, Burton, UK (Rachel & Gordon, Helen)
16 Nov Harrogate Filling Station, online (Rachel)
17 Nov Clarity Series Session 4, Heartcry social media platforms online (Rachel)
21 Nov Brecon Elim Church, Wales, UK (Rachel)
22-24 Nov British Isles Council of Prophets Retreat, Glasgow, UK (Rachel & Helen)
22-24 Nov Betel Motherwell, UK (Gordon)
24 Nov Betel Motherwell, UK (Rachel & Helen)
28 Nov Elim Wimbledon, UK (Rachel & Gordon)
28 Nov St Andrews Dean Court, Oxford, UK (Helen)
29 Nov BICP Conversations, online (Helen)

Thank you so much for your love and prayer.  We look forward to seeing some of you around the UK!

Rachel & Gordon and Helen 

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