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We are now in the last quarter of 2019!  Schools are back, Christmas is appearing on our planning schedules and the new decade 2020 is fast approaching.  Britain is still struggling with its Brexit plan and the nations are wrestling with many issues from climate change, shifting politics and companies in financial collapse. But THIS ONE THING remains – the goodness of God. In the midst of all the upheavals, from British Airways strikes and chaos in Hong Kong airport, God has helped Gordon and I to navigate our way round the world in South East Asia and Australia with the minimum of disruption.  When I looked at the dates for the strikes, I feared the worst but God was our helper again and again.  

I have been challenged to think about angelic assistance more and more over these last months of travel as I have watched the supernatural organisation of God help us repeatedly.  Gordon and I have been out of the UK for 5 weeks travelling in America, Malaysia and Australia. It was a time of provision, adventure and privilege. Many times, when we did not have the finance, accommodation or complete understanding of our circumstances God just provided people and help to get us to our destinations and fulfil our obligations time and again. Gordon needed some extensive work on his teeth which, after years in the army and on the mission field were failing, and God provided an “angel” to help him in Malaysia. His teeth have been beautifully reconstructed and he is delighted he can eat again without difficulty. I had been travelling and preaching like a machine and really needed a rest as the summer holiday got absorbed with family health and other needs. In Malaysia God graciously gave us 3 days rest in a stunningly perfect resort where we could just talk, rest and relax. It totally revived my soul. As we travelled in Australia, we were both aware of a spiritual atmosphere of expectation. There was this sense of expectation in the church and a spiritual hunger in the communities. People were comfortable to talk about their needs and crises and all of my plane journeys while in Australia were busy with Jesus conversations.

While in Melbourne I went for a walk in the park to stretch my jet-lagged legs and stopped to help an older man who was frantically searching for something in the flower beds. He explained to me that he had just had an expensive new hearing aid fitted on Friday and now, on Sunday which was Australian Father’s Day, he had felt it flick out of his ear as he got out of his car. So we searched and chatted for about 30 minutes but found nothing. I then plucked up my courage and asked him if we could pray. I explained to him that in our house when we lose something important, we take hands together, pray and ask the angels to help us find the missing item. He agreed and so in the middle of the car park, as the rain clouds gathered, we prayed: “Dear Jesus – we need help to find this expensive hearing aid – please send your angels to help us now!” Instantly the man responded: “I think we need to look in the car again!” So he clicked open the doors and I looked under the driver’s seat and immediately saw the hearing aid tucked under the runner. I took it out and placed it in his hand.  Tears rolled down his cheeks and he exclaimed: “That was an angel!” Still overcome with emotion he hugged and thanked me and I challenged him to pray and ask his Father for help when he needed it: “Today is Father’s Day  – so remember you have a Big Father in Heaven who is ready to help you but you need to practise asking for help.”  He smiled and just then the rain began to pour and I ran for cover!  God is so good!  So ask for help and lean into our wonderful Father and let Him help you succeed and find every answer to challenges you face as you walk into the last quarter of the year. This time in Australia and South East Asia really awakened the sense in me – GET READY!

So at Heartcry we are expectant for all that God will do in the weeks and months to come.  There may be many challenges but we are trusting for God’s provision, leading and direction.  We have a sense of anticipation for the 2020s and we will be starting the new year with our KICKSTART 2020 Legacy Day in Oxford on Saturday 25 January 2020.  Bookings are open on our website and already a quarter of the tickets have been sold.  So if you are planning on joining us, please book in soon as we would hate for you to miss out!  We’d also like to recommend a retreat day hosted by our friends Andy & Sarah Lang for couples facing infertility.  You can find out more on the Rhythm of Hope website – please do share with friends.

Having travelled extensively overseas in the last couple of months, October is largely UK based and we will be especially connecting with the prayer houses across the nation.  Do join us in Devon or the Midlands if you are able to.  We are also thrilled that we will be flying out to Moldova to visit our partners there and to celebrate the opening of the new Academy building which also houses a church and dorms for the latest intake of amazing girls.  Our friends Charlotte and Johannes who run the homes there sent us a video of the progress as well as their thanks to all at Heartcry who have contributed financially and in prayer towards the Moldova project.  You can watch the video here – and if you have ever given a donation into this work we want to say a big THANK YOU!  You are a partner and shareholder in all that Jesus has done there!  

So here is a summary of our schedule for the coming month.

HEARTCRY ITINERARY FOR OCTOBER4 Oct North Devon House of Prayer staff and interns, Barnstaple, UK (Rachel & Helen)
5 Oct Women’s Gathering, North Devon House of Prayer, Barnstaple, UK (Rachel & Helen)
12 Oct Helen’s birthday 🙂
15 Oct Beacon House of Prayer National Gathering, Stoke, UK (Rachel & Helen)
20 Oct Betel Church, Birmingham, UK (Rachel & Gordon)
20 Oct St Andrew’s Church, Botley, Oxford, UK (Helen)
23-30 Oct Moldova missions trip (Rachel, Gordon, Gill)

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and for all your support and investment.
With all our love and appreciation,
Rachel Hickson and Helen Azer.

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