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What a joy September has been! We have loved seeing so many of you again as we have traveled extensively around the UK for in-person meetings over the last four weeks.  Hugs are no longer off limits and smiling faces are freely available!  At each meeting, large or small, we have been so touched by the depth and intimacy of the worship times and the raw and real vulnerability as we have spent time praying and hearing God together.  This was especially profound as we gathered for our first post-pandemic Legacy Day in Oxford called “It Is Well with My Soul”.  From the very first chord struck there was such a wonderful sense of God’s presence as we lingered, prayed, ministered to one another and shared prophetically concerning this season.  We had felt not to use the time to teach but to spend the four hours in worship and prayer so we had sent the preached messages ahead of time so that everyone could listen as many times as they wanted and absorb the word before we gathered.  Once together the expectation was high and the hunger palpable.  It was so precious to see God heal the pain of the last 18 months and re-set perspectives and bring a measure of clarity for the season ahead.  These are such new days and we know they are an invitation to discover new ways of being the family of God.  We will be hosting further gatherings in the next few months so do stay tuned.

Everywhere we have been, whether with leadership teams or the wider church family, there is such a consensus that we are not yet through the shaking and sifting and, in fact, as we write, here in the UK this week the newspaper headlines read: “Is Britain running on empty?”.  This refers to the threat of fuel shortages, panic buying at the gas pumps, and alarm as utility company after utility company supplying our gas and electricity have ceased trading and gone into administration as wholesale oil prices continue to soar. In all of this it was interesting that the industry experts commented that there is no actual shortage of energy or fuel…just a panic amidst so much uncertainty and lack of clarity about what may lie ahead. Uncertainty has bred fear and sparked panic.  As I reflected on this unfolding drama, I felt God remind me that His Spirit who lives in us is our source and resource, the One who fuels and fills us daily. There is no shortage of “fuel” in the Kingdom and we will not run on empty if we lean into Him in this season.  He knows what we need and is more than able and willing to provide it. Our responsibility is to look to Jesus and not to the wind and waves round about us.  Proverbs 3:5-6 exhorts us to Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  “Trusting” and “acknowledging” literally means to put secure confidence in the One you recognise and know. To “acknowledge” is the word “yada” meaning fully and intimately known.  We trust the One we know and who fully knows us.  As Corrie ten Boom once said, “Never be afraid to entrust an unknown future to a known God”.  So let’s lean in closer even if we can’t yet see what may lie around the next corner.  

We have spent some of this last month down in Cornwall on the south west coast of the UK writing a new book.  Rachel is exploring the gift of the prophetic ministry in seasons of building and how prophets are called to train the eyes, ears and mouth of the Church in this season.  We are very excited about what is taking shape and I (Helen) have had a preview of the first five chapters – it’s profound, powerful and perspective-shaping stuff!  Do please pray for Rachel and the team as we bring this book to birth. Gordon has joined us in Cornwall following the carpel tunnel surgery on his right hand and has enjoyed convalescing in beautiful surroundings.  Thank you for praying for him.

Many of you have been in touch to ask if we would consider resuming more regular broadcasts again during the autumn months on the Heartcry platforms in addition to our monthly Trumpet Call messages. So we will be starting a new 6-part series called “Clarity” which we will upload to our platforms every two weeks on a Wednesday starting on 6 October.  As before, the series will be free to access on YouTube, Facebook and IGTV.

October will also see us ministering in several locations across the UK. Here is an overview:

3 Heartcry Trumpet Call message online (Helen)
Brixham Community Church, UK (Rachel & Gordon)
6 Part 1 of Heartcry’s “Clarity” Series, online (Helen)
Cornerstone Christian Centre, Gainsborough, UK Leaders’ Seminar on zoom (Rachel)
Cornerstone Christian Centre, Gainsborough, UK Sunday message online (Rachel)
10 Majesty Champion Centre, Uxbridge, UK (Rachel)
10 St Andrews Church, Oxford, UK (Helen)
11 Wellspring Church, Watford, leaders’ retreat (Rachel & Gordon and Helen)
12 Helen’s birthday 🙂
16-17 Riverside Church, Exeter, UK (Rachel & Gordon)
19 Letchworth Garden City Church leadership team, UK (Rachel & Helen)
20 Part 2 of Heartcry’s “Clarity” series, online (Rachel)
21-24 Betel, Motherwell, Scotland (Rachel & Gordon)
30-31 Rediscover Church, Exeter, UK (Rachel, Gordon & Helen)

As winter is just around the corner, we will send another gift to support our partners in Moldova.  It is always such a privilege to invest into this nation and then read the testimonies of hope. We have just had such an encouraging update from them.  Charlotte writes: 

God led us to open one more church plant, in a town north from us. We have seen young people coming to Christ and it is wonderful to see how God is moving among the youth. We also started one more coffee shop in that town (called Briceni) so it would be an income to the young missionaries. Please pray for this. 

We also were able to minister to the youth this summer at a big conference and the Holy Spirit filled them and equipped them. We saw how they boldly started to prophesy and also were set free from bondages. 

We launched our Entrepreneur Training School and 25 young hopeful business people enrolled. We have been working long and hard on this programme and are excited that we now can give the youth in Moldova knowhow and skills to open their own small businesses…The Rehab work is also expanding and we are now building one more centre near Chisinau.  The one in Falesti is mostly full of students and we see and hear many miracle stories of God’s power…it is as always a faith project..and God is good and faithful.

We are also so thankful to God for all he is doing in the lives of our young girls. The move of the Holy Spirit has not stopped on our doorstep but God has touched each of their lives in a real and very visible way. We see how they grow in the love of God and also mature into young women that love Jesus. They are all active leaders in Sunday school and the youth work. We have this autumn also seen how God has started a healing process in several lives who were abused as children.  This is such an answer to prayer. Sometimes we want to see immediate results but again we have had to be patient ant wait for God’s timing and for them to gain trust to let go of the pain. We have also seen a real academic growth and this is also something of a supernatural touch for some of our young girls. God heals us spirit, soul and mind…
Click here to see a slideshow of photos from the projects Heartcry is honoured to support.

Thank you so much for continuing to help Heartcry to support and encourage this work in Moldova.  Please do keep in touch. We appreciate you all so much!

Enjoy the blessings of God this Fall as He directs your paths as you trust in Him.

Thank you so much for your love and prayer!
Helen and Rachel & Gordon.

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