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Harnessed for Adventure

True Life Stories Of Faith Adventures With God
By Gordon Hickson



“Their stories match the Acts of the Apostles…this great book is breath-taking, amazing and glorifying God.  I highly recommend it.  Everyone should have it.”  Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

“Gordon and Rachel Hickson are two of the most genuine followers of Jesus I’ve ever met – be inspired, and watch out – this lifestyle is contagious!” Pastor Bill Johnson

This is my story: the story of how God broke into my life at Cambridge University while I was trying to disprove religion and Christianity, and how He began to harness my life for His purposes.  Since that time, I have travelled across the world, witnessed extraordinary miracles, endured tough battles of faith and seen the power of God’s Spirit transform whole nations.

This is also the story of a young couple who took God’s call at face value, believing that He will always make a way where there is no way.  It shares the faith battles, the joys and the breakthroughs, as well as the struggles, failures and near-death experiences.

Let this book inspire you to totally surrender to “God’s harness” and then allow Him to take you on His great adventures for your own life too!

Gordon Hickson is an internationally respected man of God, called out of the military and the market place to serve God in many nations. He is a man of faith who is graced with supernatural favour to open doors and build bridges. His gifts and sacrificial propensity to serve others have helped birth and facilitate countless ministries that continue to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus around the world.

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3 reviews for Harnessed for Adventure

  1. Jake Glover

    This book is a timely encouragement for a world upside down. The Hicksons have lived within the truth “God is still on the Throne”. The stories in the book inspire, encourage, and help you dare to dream that no matter how far your journey with God has taken you – you’re just getting started!! The book is a true blessing.

  2. Dr Luke Tarassenko (BA, MPhil, DPhil Theology, all Oxon)

    This book is a thriller! Even if it didn’t contain all the reports of supernatural miracles it would still be a thrilling autobiography in itself. Gordon Hickson relates how he grew up in Ireland and then in a military-feeder boarding school, trained in the army, studied at Cambridge, served on military tours, entered the business world, worked as a campaign manager for a major missions society and ultimately became a minister and itinerant preacher along with his wife, Rachel. That would be enough for a cracking memoir all by itself! And throughout this narrative Hickson just casually (but never arrogantly, mind) drops in details such as his having won the Queen’s Medal for all round academic and physical excellence in his year at Sandhurst, hitchhiking back to the UK from Norway at seventeen, and going off to remote parts of the world for climbing and cross-country skiing expeditions… What a life! But even more than that, this book is packed with genuine, firsthand reports of the supernatural: of God’s provision, answered prayer, astonishingly accurate prophetic words, amazing God-incidences, and healing miracles. At the same time, it’s also refreshingly and encouragingly honest and real about the difficult times, the times when things don’t work out, the troughs as well as the peaks. From the very first chapter, when Gordon and his wife Rachel are run over by a truck, you know you are going to be in for an adventure… The narrative then flashes back to the beginning of Gordon’s life and narrates from there, up to and beyond this traumatic event. This book will mess you up–in a good way! Reading this book will re-ignite your excitement for prayer, seeing God provide, evangelism, and stepping out in faith. The week I finished this book while I was out on an evening run I stopped to offer to pray for a stranger–he rejected my offer, but that’s not the point! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have done this if I hadn’t just been reading this awesome book. Highly recommended. Read and be inspired to go on more of your own God-adventures. Thank you for writing this, Gordon!

    • Helen Azer

      Thank you so much for this glowing review which we have passed on to Gordon for his encouragement. We hope the testimony of this book will continue to bless many others!

  3. Chris Hunt

    This book will raise your faith, and challenge your trust-walk with God. Gordon’s life is filled with incredible testimonies of God faithfulness; honest times of wrestling, and times of blind and radical obedience. Through these stories we see a God who comes through with supernatural power and a God who can use any man or woman who is simply willing to say yes. The testimony of God’s goodness in this book is joined by the testimony of Gordon and his wife Rachel as they go beyond their comfort level into that place of total abandon – where God does His best work!

    • Helen Azer

      Thanks so much, Chris, for this lovely review! We are so delighted that the ebook and audiobook versions are also now available so people can enjoy the book even if postal services are not the most reliable 🙂

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