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Thank you to all those who have donated to our Moldova Project – your investment changes lives and we are so grateful.  Over the years, you have partnered with us as we have contributed towards several areas of need such as the home for the elderly, Casa Helen, summer camps for children and young people, contributing towards church and community outreach in Cornesti village and the very first refuge home, Pilgrims House, with the pilot project for 5 vulnerable young girls. Here is an update from our partners on the ground who have taken time around this Thanksgiving Season to reflect back on what has been achieved and look forward to what is yet to come…and say thank you!  We want to share this with you to extend that thanks to YOU so please read and be encouraged!

Dear Heartcry for Change,

We want to thank you for your incredible support this past year.  2020 has been different for all of us, but we still thank God and are grateful for HIM being faithful and for sustaining us in every way possible.

We start to see the end of many years of building projects – Hallelujah!!! We can look back at immense achievement thanks to you as our partners. This is some of the steps you have helped us to climb:

Pilgrims House became a reality in 2014 and we opened our home to young women in need of shelter and care.  The little yellow house became home to some very vulnerable and broken lives. 5 of our young girls spent late childhood and early adolescence in the house and have many fond childhood memories, like their first birthday party ever! Or the place they learned elementary things like meals at the table, brushing their teeth and not least going to school every day!  More than 30 young women have entered through our doors in the last 6 years and it has had a tremendous impact in their lives. The other day our first young girl, Luminitza, was back in Riscani . She is now married with a good husband and a baby, living in Chisinau and she Is happy. Good to see fruit of the ministry.

In 2019 we opened our “Private Christian Dorm” situated in the center of the town.

The “apartment” as we call it, is now a place of education and development for 10 young women. We support them in their studies and help them to reach their potential and grow as whole human beings. This big 240 m2 space has with your help been transformed into a real place of potential and the space allows for many extra curriculum activities.  We are 3 full time workers making sure the girls are given care and the support needed. We challenge them in their growth. We experience how the grace and love of God is healing and restoring.
(Heartcry had the privilege of officially opening this new dorm in October 2019…to see photos and read the report, click this link)

In 2019-2020 we have also continued our vision of opening up entrepreneur endeavors. We started a small coffee shop that is still growing as a business in town. Some of the young women take shifts learning how to brew good coffee and be customer orientated. We bake real delicious cakes and are slowly becoming known as a place of good quality.

Last month we started our NEXT step. This is  our SEWING ROOM.  It is a small atelier where we create beautiful shopping and cosmetic bags, and even masks.   We invested in a professional supervisor and with the good sewing machines that we have been donated, we have a little production running.  This too is part of the program where we give young women and single mums the possibility to earn their own money and regain dignity.

And yes the building project is on its way….

We are so excited to FINALLY be able to see the project that has been hanging as a picture on a big banner in the church building become reality. The outside of the dorm and church is getting insulated. Also a staircase is rising from the ground and soon we will have a front door in the church from the main street.  We are now able to save on heating and the church will get an entrance from the street and people won’t have to seek out a small obscure path that leads to the back of the church building. The church is finally coming out of the “basement” and will be as the bible says a city build on a hill. Matthew 14:5.

Since the Covid 19 situation we have had to close down our Youth House. Every Friday the place was packed with young unchurched people from the town, but not anymore. Our young people started to meet in the church and just pray and worship. Also in Belzy young people are gathered for prayer every week….and then God started to do something new and an outpouring of the Spirit on young lives. We see how prayer and worship will not end and many are filled with the Spirit.  Pray for this movement of God to continue. We received a word from God: The UPPERROOM. The place the disciples were in quarantine awaiting the filling of God’s Spirit.

Again we want to thank you for all financial support, for your friendship and for your love for Moldova.

We hope to see you all soon again. God bless and keep you safe and in His perfect will and plan.

With love and thankful hearts.
Charlotte and Johannes.

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