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Dear Friends of Heartcry,

Summer in the UK has begun to fade and the cool, darker evenings have returned. So it is back to work time and we begin to look forward to the next few, and often hectic, months before Christmas. August has been a time for planning, writing, cleaning and sorting here in the Heartcry office! We have also had a more relaxed rhythm with holidays and time away as well as days with family and friends having coffee, sharing meals and catching up with the news we often miss when we are away and travelling constantly. It always feels good to be connected back at home with our local church and friends once again. It refreshes our souls and prepares us for the next season of travelling.

During this time copies of my new book I LOVE PRAYER have arrived in our garage and are now available for purchase in the UK through our online shop with stock likely to be available in the USA by October ( I had the privilege of going into London and chatting about the book with Maria Rodriguez on Premier Radio ( I always enjoy these opportunities to talk on radio and TV and consider it such an honour to be able to influence in this way. Helen and I will also be attending RIVERCAMP, hosted by Elim, and THE ONE EVENT, hosted by Stuart Bell and the Groundlevel team in Lincoln and speaking at these two Christian summer events. It will be good to speak again and have this opportunity to influence many churches and impact these networks with the love of Jesus.

Helen writes: Over the summer we have also spent some time upgrading our website and refreshing our branding as our older platform is no longer compatible with the latest software and servers so watch this space for the launch of a new website in the autumn and please bear with us during the transition when you may find some of the old pages do not function as they should. We trust that the new site will make interaction with us through social media easier and more seamless as well as more fun! We will also be looking at developing some new platforms of communication and sharing resources so if you have ideas of what you would like to see on our website (blogs, discussion forums, podcasts etc) then do email us your ideas at We may not be able to implement everything at once but it would be great to know what you would like to see more of!

Rachel: Over this summer we have also had the challenge of hearing that several friends are battling with serious illness. We have been standing with pastors from Exeter, a prayer leader from North Devon and close friends from St Albans all struggling with life defining illness and needing prayer and support. We have also been involved with several wonderful couples who are struggling with marriage issues. So this summer has been emotionally challenging at times as you feel the pain of precious people who are walking a hard journey in this season. However it has been a privilege to be home and have time to care and connect with them. Please pray for us to have continued wisdom to know how to love and support these great people in tough places as our lives begin to get busy again.

As we look forward and consider what is planned in our schedule for the next few months of this year and early spring 2018 I have realized that we will be travelling lots and working into many of the poorer and struggling areas of our nations. Helen and I will return to visit our friends in Egypt at the end of the year. We will also be going on mission’s trips to Russia, Slovenia, touching the Balkans and travelling into European countries that are struggling. Many of these situations are struggling financially but hungry for God. It is always amazing to watch how God provides all the details of travel, accommodation and life as we make the decision to go and share Jesus. I will ask Helen to outline some of the details of these situations so that you can stand with us in prayer as we prepare to go.

Helen: We’ve been delighted to watch God open new doors of opportunity for Heartcry in eastern Europe especially. Through Norwegian friends who are missionaries in Russia we have the opportunity to visit some rural communities there and share Jesus with them. We are also excited that we have been invited back to the Balkans women’s conference, Daughter of the King, which will be held in Slovenia in April 2018 and is a wonderfully vibrant gathering of women from across the Balkan region. It’s so moving to hear their stories of how Jesus has brought reconciliation, hope and healing across the historical dividing lines of sectarian and ethnic background. So we will be busy in new lands and grateful for every new opportunity.

In September we will take time to pray and ask God for wisdom for this next season. We will be away on the 12-14th September and so would appreciate your prayer as we spend this time with God.

3-4 Sep / RIVERSIDE CHURCH, EXETER, UK – Rachel & Gordon
5 Sep / OASIS MEETING, ST PAUL’S CHURCH, Oriental Road, Maybury, Woking, Surrey, UK – Helen
22-24 Sep / BETEL CHURCH WEEKEND, BIRMINGHAM, UK – Rachel & Gordon

As the new academic year starts, we hope that you will feel encouraged and equipped to face every joy and challenge of this season with fresh hope and faith. Thank you for continuing to stand with us in prayer and in your generous giving, both financially and through your words of encouragement, both of which help to sustain us on the road and do what Jesus calls us to do.

With all our love and appreciation.

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