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Our dear friends and prayer partners,

Soon schools will be back, summer holidays will end, the cool nights will return and we will press into the final lap of 2018! Somehow September always feels like a refresh and reboot time when you evaluate the last months and consider what you still want to achieve in the remainder of the year. I have sensed that this is an upgrade season but we need to be smart and make the most of our opportunities; a time for courage and creativity as we dream with God – so what will the final lap of 2018 look like for you?

Here at Heartcry we have many new opportunities over the next months. For Helen it will be 4 months of knocking on doors as she begins to define and discern her role and ministry for the next season ahead. Helen will take a greater leadership role in shaping the look of Heartcry in the UK and Europe, bringing her unique gift and skills into the forefront more. For Gordon and I it will be a season of international travel. We leave on 29th August for Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. This will be a time of reconnecting with friends from 30 years ago in Malaysia and we are excited about renewing these links. We have felt for a while that there is something awakening in South East Asia and it is so wonderful that we will be able to actually sense the nature of what God is doing there firsthand. Please do pray for this time as intercessory friends have already warned us they feel this could be a contested time spiritually with confusion and harassment trying to disrupt this connection. Just this last week my computer has crashed and been unworkable, the back door lock jammed so we could not get into our home and the cows from the local farm broke down our back fence and entered our property enjoying our garden and grass! So already it is a little stressful!! But we are excited about looking ahead and know God will help us!

During August we have been encouraged as we have ministered at several conferences an also attended the Hillsong Conference in London’s O2 Arena. Unfortunately I had a flu virus and inner ear infection for the Betty King Ministries gathering in Wembley but still was so  blessed by the heart and cry of prayer for London. We had a time of powerful prayer and prophetic declaration for London, the UK and Europe and it was so wonderful to sense the common heart and purpose. Thank you, Betty King, for arranging this time! Gordon and I have also had the privilege to lead a time with the leaders from Betel when we went away to The King’s Park Centre for a marriage retreat. It was a deep, personal and profound time as God strengthened our communication, commitment and love for our partners. The final communion time when we renewed our vows was powerful and God did many miracles and released hope to many. One of my favourite memories however, will be a little girl who shouted with delight to her parents: “Yay! Retreat time mummy. I like re-TREATS – which treats can I have now!”

Helen writes: Our time in Northern Ireland at the “Wondrous” Elim Bible Week was a highlight over this summer as well.  The theme for this year’s conference was “Unshakeable” and it was a great privilege to minister hope and raise the level of faith and expectation in what God can do in the tougher seasons when we feel everything around us is shaking.  Rachel spoke powerfully on the Thursday night about having an unshakeable friend, Jesus, and what a life in connection with Him means in the challenging  seasons of life.  As the evening came to a close and Rachel gave an altar call, there was a large response from men and women alike, many of them young.  Our hosts were so encouraged to witness this and commented that this is what they had prayed and believed for in this new season in the life of the Elim churches in Ireland.  There was also faith for healing as many responded and came forward for prayer.  The women’s celebration saw over 600 women gather in the afternoon.  It was a deeply impactful time of strengthening and encouragement with a tangible hunger for the presence of God.  In her afternoon seminar Rachel spoke on “Powerful Prayer” and the faith released in this seminar prepared the way for the evening service when God so moved in salvation and healing.

As we write this newsletter, we are preparing to go up to Lincolnshire to speak at the ONE Event over the bank holiday weekend.  This year’s theme is “Purpose” and we have a sense that many will be given a new perspective of what it means to live with a focussed and intentional desire to partner with God’s purpose and discover afresh the joy of partnering for the sake of a bigger Kingdom cause.  Please pray for us as we minister at this event and all the speaking appointments in September.

Here is an outline of our ministry schedule for September:

1-2 Dream Center, PJ, Malaysia (Rachel & Gordon)
5-6 Singapore (Rachel & Gordon)
8-9 Grace Assembly, PJ, Malaysia (Rachel & Gordon)
10-17 Sydney, Australia (Rachel & Gordon)
16 C3 Central City, Sydney, Australia (Rachel & Gordon)
17-26 Melbourne, Australia (Rachel & Gordon)
22 Sisterhood Ladies Breakfast, Oxford, UK (Helen)
23 St Andrew’s Church, Botley, Oxford, UK (Helen)
24 Streams in the Desert, Leamington Spa, UK (Helen)
27-29 Oasis Church, Perth, Australia (Rachel)

As you return to work, school or college after the summer break, may you have a renewed sense of purpose and a focussed determination to grasp every opportunity in this season of upgrades.

With all our love and appreciation,
Rachel Hickson and Helen Azer.

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