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Summer is virtually over (“What summer?”, I hear the British say!!) and here in the UK the schools are preparing to go back and the evenings are starting to get cooler and darker. Yes, our summer season has been too British – wet, rainy and often cold. However, just when we give up hope of seeing the sun we seem to have a warm spell and the gardens and fields look glorious. Usually for us in Heartcry August is the month that we stop travelling, stay at home and go slow but in this strange Covid recovery year it has been a different month. In fact, it has been a busier month: the emails and office administration have increased and we have had several face to face meetings, Sunday services and times with leaders. So it has had its own strange and new rhythm. 

We started the month in Birmingham with the Betel team for their Cumbré (or all together) weekend. It was wonderful to see the new Anchor Point headquarters full of expectant, vibrant people worshipping God and so grateful for their freedom from drugs and alcohol. All 17 houses came together to share, worship and be envisioned and Gordon and I had the honour to share with them on the Sunday morning. It was a precious time. Gordon and I then had the privilege to return ten days later for the official opening of Betel’s Rising Café, in the HQ building in Birmingham. The décor and creativity displayed were amazing – such a fantastic credit to the team who have taken a very tired old building and given it some life and atmosphere. It was a fantastic night with the local police attending and being  amazed at the quality of the work and the skills.

During this month it has been an intense time of family, with my brother still living with us and school holidays in full swing. So we had Nicola’s 3 children come and stay with us for a week with their chocolate Labrador puppy too. We had days of fun, visited the zoo, played in the park, baked and painted. It was a busy week and we were exhausted but with a happy glow! Duncan will return to the USA on the 27th August so life at home will be a little quieter again and Bella will be very sad to lose her new friend. 

Helen ministered in her first day conference since lockdown at Mulberry House and was touched by the atmosphere of hungry people happy to be able to connect, meet and relate again. The sense of the presence of God was gentle but deep and many were encouraged and blessed.

As a team we have been able to meet with the Elders and Leaders from Fleet Baptist Church, pray and prophetically minister to a group of women in Oxford, attend the memorial service of Zac Freeth who first challenged Gordon while in the army about his relationship with Jesus, and also visit with friends and leaders in different locations.

As we now look forward into September the tempo of life increases. I am sure as you look at these dates you will see that we will be ministering and travelling in the UK extensively over the next months. Helen and I will also take 2 weeks away to concentrate on writing the book on the prophetic at the end of the month too.  Please pray for a productive time!

So here is an overview of September’s ministry:

4 The Ark 10 Year Celebration, UK (Rachel, Gordon & Helen) 
5 Heartcry Trumpet Call message, Heartcry online platforms (Rachel)
5 Riverside Church, Southwell, UK (Rachel & Helen)
6 Coventry Elim Church Leaders meeting, UK (Rachel & Helen)
8 City Life Church Leaders Refresh Day, Portsmouth, UK (Rachel & Helen)
8 Salvo Foundation online evening meeting (Rachel)
11 Heartcry Legacy Day, Oxford, UK  
15 Meetings with leaders in Letchworth, UK (Rachel & Gordon)
16 Meetings with leaders in Manchester, UK (Rachel & Helen) 
18-30 Research & book writing time away

As you pray for us this month please do pray for Gordon as we wait to hear for the dates for the surgery on his painful hands. He has developed severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both his hands and is living with intense pain. They are hoping to operate on either the 17th or 24th September but these dates have not yet been confirmed. 

Thank you so much for your love and prayer!
Rachel and the Heartcry Team.

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