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Pathway Of Peace

The sequel to Stepping Stones of Freedom

A 40 day devotional that has been specifically designed to help re-establish a more healthy rhythm of life whilst challenging areas of stress and helping renew your mind, still your soul, refresh your spirit and help you focus on the priorities of your life as you take time to be with God, allowing Him to touch your heart and position your feet on His pathway of peace.

“A Powerful Pilgrimage.” – Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA

“You can glean so much from this uplifting book. As you read these pages, meditatively let God work in you.” – Beni Johnson, Prayer Pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, CA

Audiobook available.

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Run Your Race

The Next Book in the 40-Day Devotional Series
BEWARE! This book has the power to change your life!

God wants a tribe of dangerous people who will give their life away and see His kingdom come. We need to be ready, armed and dangerous with the word of God burning in our hearts. We need to pay the price of obedient sacrifice, learn from the heroes of faith who have walked before us, and stand with courage and conviction. God wants us to be part of a new movement of abandoned lovers that will run without fear and just do the will of God.

This set of devotions has been written with a desire to help you focus your life so that you run passionately after God. I want these readings to trigger your passion to give your life away completely, and so fulfil every purpose of God for which you were made.

It is time to run the race of destiny vigorously, ready to die if necessary, but more determined to live life on the cutting edge.

“God really does have a race marked out for each one of us. This book will equip us to run ours for His glory and the good of His world. Let’s go for it!” – Andy Hawthorne, OBE, CEO and Founder, The Message Trust

“Will spur you on to a deeper relationship with Christ. As you truly listen and respond to the biblical principles set forth in this compelling book, your life will be changed.” – Jude Fouquier, Senior Pastor, The City Church, Ventura, CA

“Rachel embodies the message she is proclaiming: the need for us to surrender our lives to God and live fully for Him. My prayer is that God would use this book to restore the confidence of His people.” – Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern

“There is no time to waste. Set your eyes on Jesus, burn all limiting bridges and follow Him into your destiny and purpose. We need some heroes. Run Your Race contains powerful elements to transform you into a champion for the Kingdom.” – Jonathan Oloyede, Global Day of Prayer, London

Audiobook available.

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Stepping Stones To Freedom

The first book in the 40 day Devotional series

‘This book is medicine for the wounded soul and a reviver for the weary spirit. This set of meditations will help you rediscover your purpose in life,’ explains Rachel Hickson. ‘Set your heart on a pilgrimage of discovery and allow the word of God to change the way you think about yourself and your future … These notes will help you find the sound of God in your life again.’

Audiobook available.