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Eat The Word – Speak The Word

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Read your Bible more deeply, speak God’s Word more profoundly and understand his revelation more completely!

God desires to increase our understanding and appreciation for the Bible. As we learn to handle the Word of God with respect, the Holy Spirit  will ignite this truth within us and release us to carry fresh revelation when we speak. God longs to stir a new passion for his Word in the church, that will produce a mature prophetic voice in these critical times. This book takes you on a journey that will train you to respect and handle the word of God correctly, and then equip the prophetic gift within you.

“We need to allow God to speak to us on a very regular basis through His word, by His spirit. This honouring of Word and Spirit is something that Rachel demonstrates in both her ministry and her writings. Read and be inspired!” – Dr David Smith, Senior Pastor, KingsGate Community Church, Peterborough, UK

“Rachel has been a significant impact on my life and ministry. Her passion for the parson of jesus and the Holy Scriptures is simply contagious. The book you now hold has the potential to stir these same passions in your life.” – Judah Smith, Lead Pastor, The City Church, Seattle, USA

“Rachel at her best. This book gives access points into the prophetic for everyone. Highly recommended!” – Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor, New Life Christian Fellowship, Lincoln, UK

“Balanced, biblical, pastoral, practical and often inspirational. A real gem.” – Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology, St Aldates Church, Oxford, UK

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Sale! Heartcry For Change £8.99 £8.00

I Love Prayer

Connected to God, Changing the World.

Prayer is powerful – It writes the capital letter at the beginning of each sentence of history.

I believe that, as we intentionally connect to God and pray in agreement with His heart, we shift and alter the destiny of nations. What a privilege we have to pray. In days of uncertainty and uproar, it is easy to pray “worry prayers”, those conversations that just speak of our anxiety rather than prayers of hope and declaration. In this book we look at our devotional life of prayer, study the place of intercession, and explore the journey of prayer walking and staking our nations for Jesus. We will learn to become friends of God who understand the days in which we live and know how to pray.

Connected to God, now changing the world.

As we get connected to God’s heart, I believe that God wants the Church to become His house of prayer and write history – His story – in these turbulent days. Prayer is this special place where we connect to the heart of God and then change the world. I do not know why you pray, but I love to hear the stories of lives changed, people envisioned and hope awakened; but more than the answers to prayer, I love prayer. I love the incredible privilege we have to talk to God and become His friend.

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Release My Frozen Assets

A look at the role of women in the church.

How do we interpret the biblical passages which appear to limit the role of women?
The issue of a woman’s function in the church is much more complex than whether we believe that women should speak or not. We must also ask ourselves whether we believe that some women are born to lead. Are gifted women leaders a blessing to the church? Should women be encouraged to hide their skills or express their vision and strategy freely? Can you only be a woman leader if you are married to a church leader?

In this book we will look at each problematic passage of scripture and interpret its true meaning from both the conservative and other points of view and reach a considered conclusion from the text.

I can hear the cry – “Release my frozen assets!” – ringing clearly across the nations.
Although this is not an easy journey to navigate, I believe it is an essential one for the church to face. Are we willing to change our attitudes and release women to lead and speak about Jesus in their communities? It is time to reverse the curse of the gender war and work together for the sake of the harvest!

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Supernatural Communication

The Privilege Of Prayer + FREE Study Guide

From Personal Prayer to praying for Cities and Nations – an invaluable resource

So often we feel that we cannot pray correctly or do not know how to pray effectively and see our prayers answered. Everyone has the capacity to pray but we just need to take hold of our opportunities and decide to become a vessel of prayer.

“Every believer on every level of growth should read this book. The principles in this book work, and will change your life, family and Nation.” – Cindy Jacobs Director, Generals International

“Rachel has an incredible depth in prayer and intercession and her insights and inspiration will benefit all.”  – Frank Damazio Senior Pastor, City Bible Church, Portland USA

“Rachel Hickson is the real deal – inspirationally passionate, eloquent and courageous on one hand, yet reassuringly warm, practical and earthed as well. I’m glad to commend her ministry and to endorse this book.” – Pete Greig Founder, 24-7 PRAYER