Eat the Word, Speak the Word E-Book

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E-book version of Eat the Word, Speak the Word by Rachel Hickson.
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Read your Bible more deeply, speak God’s Word more profoundly and understand his revelation more completely!

God desires to increase our understanding and appreciation for the Bible. As we learn to handle the Word of God with respect, the Holy Spirit  will ignite this truth within us and release us to carry fresh revelation when we speak. God longs to stir a new passion for his Word in the church, that will produce a mature prophetic voice in these critical times. This book takes you on a journey that will train you to respect and handle the word of God correctly, and then equip the prophetic gift within you.

“We need to allow God to speak to us on a very regular basis through His word, by His spirit. This honouring of Word and Spirit is something that Rachel demonstrates in both her ministry and her writings. Read and be inspired!” – Dr David Smith, Senior Pastor, KingsGate Community Church, Peterborough, UK

“Rachel has been a significant impact on my life and ministry. Her passion for the parson of jesus and the Holy Scriptures is simply contagious. The book you now hold has the potential to stir these same passions in your life.” – Judah Smith, Lead Pastor, Churchome, Seattle, USA

“Rachel at her best. This book gives access points into the prophetic for everyone. Highly recommended!” – Stuart Bell, Senior Pastor, Alive Church, Lincoln, and Leader, Ground Level Network of Churches, UK

“Balanced, biblical, pastoral, practical and often inspirational. A real gem.” – Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology, St Aldates Church, Oxford, UK


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