Release My Frozen Assets (eBook)

A look at the role of women in the church

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How do we interpret the biblical passages which appear to limit the role of women?

The issue of a woman’s function in the church is much more complex than whether we believe that women should speak or not. We must also ask ourselves whether we believe that some women are born to lead. Are gifted women leaders a blessing to the church? Should women be encouraged to hide their skills or express their vision and strategy freely? Can you only be a woman leader if you are married to a church leader?

In this book we will look at each problematic passage of scripture and interpret its true meaning from both the conservative and other points of view and reach a considered conclusion from the text.

I can hear the cry – “Release my frozen assets!” – ringing clearly across the nations.

Although this is not an easy journey to navigate, I believe it is an essential one for the church to face. Are we willing to change our attitudes and release women to lead and speak about Jesus in their communities? It is time to reverse the curse of the gender war and work together for the sake of the harvest!

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